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Conflict with Jaheira romance


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Was continueing with my game again today, player 1 currently romancing Jaheira / Viconia (haven't been forced to choose yet) and player 2 romancing Amber.


I finish clearing out a dungeon and move outside to rest - it's day time. Amber has expressed interest in resting outside during the night again (:blush:). I rest once, fine. I rest the second time, I hear Amber's music playing but Jaheira's hostage scene decides that moment to play as well. She's taken hostage, I exchange my P1 for her and am shot for it (those bastards).


Mop up the baddies and Amber approaches P2 with a flower - yet, when asked about how she is she says she's just fine and doesn't talk about wanting to sleep under the night sky - the conversation was going to initiate, but the Jaheira plot took priority. Although I should have, I didn't rest once more to see if it would kick in - but I'd assume it wouldn't, as the flower talk played instead.


Needless to say, loading my quicksave solved the problem as Jaheira's plot kicked in during the daytime rest and Amber's during the night time rest.

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Hmm... the flower talk is supposed to happen after the (romantic) stargazing talk. Since the M#AmberTalk variable is incremented in the *end* of every talk, I'm more than little baffled how the script skipped the stargazing talk and still managed to trigger the flower talk correctly. :blush:


That said I'd imagine it's fairly possible that multiple 'rest' talks and incidents triggering the same time might cause problems. I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it, though. I'll see if I can set up a check for the variable that triggers Jaheira's quest (if it's not a locals variable).

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Yeah, I figured it'd be hard / impossible to do something about it - just posted incase you were interested in attempting to fix it. I'd imagine it'd be fairly hard to replicate as well.


Not sure if I have a save-game left either in case you want to test it yourself. I might still have an autosave from me leaving De'Arnise Keep - but, I'm not even sure if that autosaves. Older auto-saves would either be pre-De'Arnise Keep or sometime inside it. Pretty sure I haven't left the grounds yet.


On a lighter note, I'm enjoying the P2 romance so far :blush:.

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