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Hello everyone! I want to show my mini-mod called PnP kits which try to make vanilla BG2 kits more Pen and paper ;)


Now there are only minor changes with very simple edition methods. Also it's available only in polish :/ If someone can help with english description (I don't know where I can find them)... I will describe changes made by my mod.


Link to polish version: http://www.forum.biblioteka.avx.pl/viewforum.php?f=72



a) Improved rage


"This isn't an instantaneous process?he must spend a little time to "psych himself up." It takes a full turn (ten combat rounds) to Go Berserk. In that time, the character is growling, moaning, uttering imprecations . . . "


"(6) While Berserk, the character gets +1 to attack, +3 to damage, and +5 hp."

The complete fighter handbook


This component introduce fixed version of Berserker rage. Now Berserker must cast it by one round, and it gives him +1 to thaco, +3 to damage and +10 hp (+5 is too small) and gives him a rest of old immunities etc. Also it's make impossible to casting spells, using thief abilities, and dispel invisibility on berserker.


b) Paladins gain 'Cure disease' and Undead hunters gain 'Remove paralyse'


In PnP AD&D paladins gain once per day per 4 levels ability 'Cure disease'. Now, in BG2 trueclass paladin and Cavailer gain it. But Undead hunter gain Remove paralyse 3 per day +1 additional cast at 5,10, 15, 20 etc. lvl.


c) Skalds lose spellcasting abilities


"Spells are also nearly unknown in the Skald's society, and they are viewed with suspicion in any event."


In original PnP they're gain some penalties to spells, but I think skalds are very powerfull bard kit and don't need cheesy spells ;)


d) Druids gain immunity to charm at 7th level


Title say everything. In rpg it was a immunity only to dryads and nimphs charm but I've gave him that :blush:


e) Totemic druid change to Shaman


Yes, totemic druid know how to summon a ghosts, but that ghosts aren't normal summons - they're makin him more powerful etc. A people who has got a link with spiritual word are called shamans. It's a little description change :hm:


f) Avenger change to Beastwarden


Avenger is a strenght druid who seek unnatural creatures... Then why in BG2 he can turn into wyvern and got penalty to strentght?!


I'm changing his description into Beastwarden - a men who defend monsters. Also this fix remove his normal (bears and wolf) shapechanging.


It's all. I'm lookin for someone who can help me with makin english version :D Contact on PM.




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