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Who do I mean by 'we'?


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I am not entirely sure that it falls under the heading of a tweak, but I always loathed the restriction to have only the option to ask the train conductor in Arcanum, if 'we' can board the train even when soloing. Now Hedron in Targos just asks me the very same thing. Being a captain and all he is probably not really sober anyways, but hey. I am ready to admit that this first aspect only comes to pass in a rare solo-game, but the other thing is the limited response to race selection as far as I can tell.


While people in Targos seem to recognize at least drows at the start, Malavon delivers the very same speech whether I am a duergar, human or drow. At least the leader of the duergar recognizes me as one of his own, but that's about it.


I can take ten OOC-jokes in a row, but this is not as gratifying in a game as it could be if some choices carry any meaning. Or probably not

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