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  1. If companionship is all about experiencing and braving situations togehter, then characters at the very and are always useless cameos and, if you play the game in one swoop, you might be counting the hours anyway.
  2. Not having participated in any happy birthday threads for years I can just say thanks for all the reviews and well, *grumble* *sigh* happy birthday, Cam.
  3. I don't get your idea for standalone. I played MoTB as a quasi standalone and it worked great. On the other hand just making the twins in NWN2 would be a major hassle IMHO.
  4. jester

    Mobile phones

    Whatever is free. In Austria you get your phone with your contract. Sure you can hand over alledgedly €1000 for an iphone, but why bother'? So mine is a Motorola Razr something atm. Brand loyalty, zilch, communication is war, baby.
  5. So you want me to vot for Chimera 25 times to get the deal sealed or what? ^_^ I honestly wanted to reinstall IWD2, but it is really hard to spend a day installing stuff nowadays with all the extras and caveats.
  6. My favs were of course the Chimeras-story (1./2.) and the gnomes as a backup-plan- ^_^
  7. Well, in-depth is probably a euphemism here, but: hooray
  8. Sow you are porting IWD to NWN2? Interesting mod. ^_^
  9. 3 Which gives me all the classes I need and all the romance, quabbling and micromanaging I need. Having said that I always enjoyed soloing the most. Nothing shouts adventure at me like being outnumbered and barely making it, I soloed BG2 as a Ranger/Cleric and a Thief/Mage and it was a hell of a ride.
  10. The whole concept of intro areas is stupid. Heck the people who came to save Targos are carrying nothing, but a walking stick, no they are not Kwai Chang Caine, so its silly. I am still waiting for the one glorious idea. So no amount of rape or waterboarding is going to make it more believeable.
  11. I see an advanced lovetalk option coming up and a loot of kisses for dwarves and Edwin. ^_^
  12. You wouldn't notice much difference with interparty gambling as your money is pooled anyhow.
  13. I rejoiced the very day that DBG saved me from the dreaded starting point. So why add to the agony?
  14. jester


    I always hate Bossfights at the end, ususally playing magical tricksters they are not that much fun to me to see how many potions I can gobble down while I am being smacked around by XXX HP-henchmen. I guess that's why PST, the Fallouts and Arcanum are my favourite endings. ^_^
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