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havent been here in quite some time....Had a severe computer

problem "virused/crash" :) but any ways I would like to know how to alter a picture

for my character in bauldurs Gate,Like change the clothes,make hair longer,eye color...I have two pics ive my sights on one I would have to change the colthes,the other I would need to change hair length,and eye color.I had a friend use "Photo Shop" I beleave she said it was to alter a portrait for my character in an online game I played years ago but she never told me how to do it.Any help would be very much appreciated as I lost everything and am starting from the begining.Be well.




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Changing color:

changing color of a feature isn't too hard - you select the feature using the selection tools (lasso, magic wand, whatever) and then you can modify the hue value. It usually works best to do in two steps - convert to greyscale, then to the final color.


Hair length, clothes, etc - for those, you need to go in and draw the new stuff, or use morphing tools to make small tweaks (morph too much, it looks like you are playing with silly putty). It's a long, slow process, I'd highly suggest getting a stylus, as using a mouse to draw is not usually useful, if you have any skill at drawing by hand. the two are completely different disciplines.


someday, i'd love to have a touchscreen tablet computer, to run photoshop on. I'd finally be able to make sketches :-)

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