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BG II on Intel Macs

Guest zhouj

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Is anyone successfully running BGII on one of the new Intel Macs? I'm having issues with the voiceovers ONLY playing for the first talk of any conversation. It refuses to play the voiceover for any subsequent dialogue. I'm not sure if it's a Rosetta lag issue with the sound library or something else. The first voiceover isn't choppy but it won't continue.

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Some of the dialogues only have the first line voiced--have you tried it on another computer to check that you're definitely missing sounds?


I don't have access to my desktop G5 since I left it at home but I went through all of the first level of Chateau Irenicus without hearing more than the first voiceover and I remember vaguely that there were a number of convos in there with more than one voiceover.

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