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odd spell behavior


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As an experiment, I have a saved tut game loaded with BG2 tweaks, and the sword coast strategems mod.

In FW3700, a forest between "high hedge" and "nashkel" this cleric guy named "bassilus" is hanging out, and I noticed he is a very potent spell slinger, he can cast area spells all over the map. Strength, bless, chant, everyone on the map is hit at the same time, friends and enemies alike (even the squirrel), including my NPCs who are on the opposite side of the map, way outside of any visual range.

He can only target one thing at a time with flame strike however.


Is this indicative of a cheesed tweak regarding spellcasters?



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Even the squirrel? Really? That's cool!


AFAIK, there were some targetting issues. There was another thread somewhere on this board (SCS, not the whole forum) that discussed enemy spellcasters buffing the party, too.


Edit: here's the link. It was supposed to be fixed in the current version. If that's the version you have, maybe you'd better let DavidW know.



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