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Stuck in the romance.

Guest Cal

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Hey, I love the mod so far, but Amber seems to have stopped with the romance talks.


I'm currently in Chapter 2 still, and I've had the talk where Amber says she 'gave' a star to Jill and the friend from the circus. I'm not sure if that was the *last* one. But it's the last one I can remember. I checked the "How are you?" question and she says the resting under the stars thing... welp... resting *anywhere* and at anytime has been tried. Many, many times. I've also just left the game idling unpaused to see if it was just the timer.


I'm just hoping that I just have to go to a later and all... but you know. Any help will be much appreciated!


PS. Is there a way I could listen to her theme music outside the game? I love it beyond belief.

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Resting outside (Widspear Hills area for example) at night should trigger the next talk. If it doesn't trigger you can send a copy of your savegame to amber@welho.net and I can take a look at the variables in order to see if there's something wrong. Remember that Amber must be able to *see* your PC. So if he's invisible, dispel that first.


Unfortunately listening the music outside the game is not as simple as one might think. You can find the music divided into 10 .ogg files if you go to the bg2/amber/music folder. For the game the .ogg files are converted to acm files during installation. The acm files in turn are directed by a .mus file which will pieces the clips together into an continuous music during gameplay.


However, if you have Nearinfinity and the acm2wav plug-in for it you can access the mxm#am.mus file to listen the music.


Of course Darios could, when he has more time, put together a couple minutes long continuous version of the music and upload it to Amber's site.

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I should have mentioned that I've tried the outdoor areas and that the PC isn't invisible. But oh well. I'm just compressing the save and sending it now. Thanks.

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Got your mail! :)


Looks like you've run in a bit of a hiccup in the engine; when something (most likely another NPC initiating a rest-talk too) interrupted the talk Amber was initiating and Amber got caught in a state where the script think that the talk has already been triggered even though it is not. Check you e-mail for solution. :)

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Guest sorcmot

I'm curious, what was the fix for this problem?


I think i may be experiencing a similar issue. I had been romancing amber for awhile (we had slept together at least once) and honestly i cannot remember what the last talk we had entailed. It has been a long time since any talks with her occurred and now I cannot flirt with her when initiating forced dialogue.


Is there a point in the romance where this is supposed to occur or is it likely I am experiencing a bug?

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You can send a copy of your savegame to amber@welho.net and I'll take a look at the variables set in your game. That's the fastest way for me to tell where you are in the romance. There is a point where she gets a bit mad at you, but she should forgive you after enough time has passed (under certain conditions your PC can speed up that via a force talk.).

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