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Mod Staff Wanted


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Basically this will be a TeamBG store mod. It is going to add a "Shoe Salesman" to the game. In my opinion there is a lack of magical boots and shoes in the game. Some of them may be considered 'joke items', but I want the majority to be serious items.


I need serveral things.


1. A coder with more IE knowledge then me. If this does not get filled I can probably fumble my way though the coding and PM others as needed.

2. At least one .bam artist. I don't want to request each item publicly if I can avoid to to prevent spoilers.

3. Writers. The names of items need help (the ones I have done), and of course I would like to have LOTS of items, so the more ideas, the better.


To be involved with this you will be required to register at TeamBG so you can have access to the workroom. I will also ask anyone involved not to spoil this mod, and keep it's contents secret.


*Edit* If interested, please sign up here.

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