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Compatability: gMinion + Improved Horns


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Well the title says it all really!

I'm playing a solo game and would rather use artifacts to summon help (Spider figureine, horns of Valhalla, Moon dog, etc)

Will the improved beserkers be given the new scripts, or will the new scripts overwrite the improved summons?


I haven't installed either...Yet, so I eagerly await your responces...


Thank you!



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The Improved Horns of Valhalla does not modify the scripts of the Beserkers summoned by the Horn.


With gMinion installed, the Berserkers will react like any other party summoned creature whose primary attack is through melee.


Thanks for the quick reply


I guess the order for installation won't make any difference then...


I look forward to trying both mods out, improved horns, improved beserkers here i come!

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