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IWD Tweak Pack problems


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I've just installed the pack, selecting almost everything on the list. Then, I entered the game, and tried to load my last save. The bar of loading appears and it fills up until about half of it and then the the program exits (actually kinda minimizes) and I can't enter in it again, so I have to terminate the process.

What's wrong?

Maybe it's because of another mod I installed previously (

Ease-of-use pack v1.1) but that didn't work either(I could enter the game, but I couldn't find the bottomless bags at the shops).


Please help me, I can't start the game all over again. And I want to resume playing as soon as possible...


Is there a way to uninstall the pack? or the previous mod... ? Or do I have to reinstall the game? :D

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You should be able to uninstall the pack by double clicking on the installer again, and selecting the uninstall option that should now be present.



Unfortunately, some of the tweaks may not like using old savegames, so if you want to use them, you'll probably have to start again.

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Guest grogerson

za'kaan, which version of IWD are you running? Basic (v1.06 or v1.3), HoW or TotL?


I've recently run into the same problem with IWD v1.3 (basic IWD from the "Ultimate" box set). Tioma's ease-of-use items don't work and cause a CTD when you try to open a game. I couldn't install any component and the two that did warned of being uninstallable. In the end I had to reinstall IWD.


I also found the same problem with a tweak-pack component - thieving in heavy armor. This I could uninstall, however. I'll look deeper into the Dale Tweaks components for other problems.


I should also note that I had no problems with either Tioma's Ease-of-Use or the Dale Tweaks with HoW or TotL installations.

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