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TP2 Automate that sort of stuff


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This tool was made for you.




The tool is very good, and user-friendly. The instructions are well written. You can do everything with it except compile your dialog and script, but when you start looking at other mods, you will see how this is done.


Gods, how I was (and still am, but to a lesser extent) terrified by the tp2.


Check out the tp2 of a mod whose purpose is similar to yours. If you have an NPC, look at an NPC mod. If you are putting an item in the game, look at an item mod. If it's a new quest, check out a quest mod. One-day NPC mods are a mine of info.

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how complicated is your mod?



Let me rephrase that: what is your mod? Is it an item, an NPC, what?


Sorry if this sounds testy. Believe me, the tp2 generator tool is a little more friendly than using weidu to automate.


If you are trying to throw together a basic NPC, neither will help you. If it's an item, you don't need either.

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Have you tried downloading a couple other mods, like Song and Silence and looking at existing tp2 codes that work? I say Song and Silence because they have a store and items.


Then download an examine an existing npc mod to figure out how to write a tp2 for creatures, items, scripts, bams, etc.


I'm doing an NPC mod, so I used BG1 NPC as a mine of information.

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Now that I am almost done with my mini mod, I need to make the tp2 file. I was told to use the --automate feature and it isn't working, no tp2 file gets printed out. I am so pulling my hair out over this, so close to being done, yet so far. Help!

--automate (file name of mod) (filename of tp2).TP2 doesn't work?

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