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The unimaginatively named "Luizmods" now available


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Hooray, a reply! :(


I'm happy that this little package finally has a permanent home on Sorcerer's Place (they were the folks that rescued my customised "XP Tables for IWD2" from oblivion when my website went the way of the Dodo), but I must also acknowledge the assistance and co-operation of the G3 community - especially Cam - from their help with coding advice and ensuring compatibility. I've done my best to ensure this mod "plays nice" with G3 mods. Baronius also deserves thanks for (unknowingly) kicking my backside to ensure that Luizmods' "prefixes" were properly registered.


I hope that any who wish to try an "evil" playthrough of BG2 give the Blackguard kit a whirl. I found it a lot of fun to develop and play. It's a different take on the Blackguard from Tactics' Anti-Paladin and the more "pure" (closer to P&P) Blackguard that Andyr and Nightmare put together for Sword & Fist - which served as an inspiration.




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