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SCS v4 released


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Version 4 of Sword Coast Stratagems is now out. It can be installed just fine in the middle of a game but you need to uninstall version 3 first (i.e. run setup-scs.exe, uninstall everything, then install version 4, then run setup-scs.exe and choose the components you want).


Like version 3, it's mostly a bugfix: as well as a few small miscellaneous problems, it optimises the mage and priest scripts a lot so that (I hope!) they don't cause irritating slowdowns on older computers. (If you've been using the workaround for this that I put on the forums in November or so, upgrade: v4 does it a lot more elegantly and effectively).


There's a small amount of additional content.


- Wizards and priests have become marginally cleverer (notably, if your character has Improved Invisibility running he can't be targetted with individual spells but enemy spellcasters will dump area-effect spells like Fireball or Confusion on him).


- By popular request, I've made fine weapon breakage optional.


- The giant spiders of the Cloakwood (and elsewhere) now have a modified bite: it's less poisonous, but it wraps the victim in webs (paralysing them, in effect).


Last but not least, courtesy of ClanDLAN it's now available in Spanish! (Thanks, guys.)

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