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Install problem with BG2 Tweaks


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I just did a clean install of BG2. As recommended during the setup, I installed the BG2 Tweaks last.


It went ahead and installed, but I did not get any options as to what pieces I actually wanted (and I don't want them all). However, in the readme it states that there would be a choice.

I did not see any prompts of any sort, so I'm sure I did not miss anything. Is there something else I should be doing?


Do I have to start over? Should I just be using the Ease-of-Use mod instead of this one? (I had that one at the last install, but it was recommended to use G3's Tweaks instead.)


I am running this on XP, so the install was a two-step process (DOS screen and then the exe in the BG2 dir)


I've installed:



ToB patch



sola mod

kelsey mod

G3 anniversary

Banter pack

Flirt pack

BG2 Tweaks



WeiDU v 196 Log


{Setup-BanterPack.exe} Queried (pid = 1896) version = 197 query done.

Newest WeiDU is version 197, updating!

WeiDU files in version order:

[setup-Solaufein.exe] version 197

[setup-NPCFlirt.exe] version 197

[setup-Kelsey.exe] version 197

[setup-G3Anniversary.exe] version 197

[setup-DungeonBeGone.exe] version 197

[setup-bg2fixpack.exe] version 197

[setup-BanterPack.exe] version 197

[setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe] version 196

[setup-Solaufein.exe] loaded, 322048 bytes

Copying [setup-Solaufein.exe] -> [setup-BG2_Tweaks.exe]: false

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