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BAT problem

Guest Seifer Unhelmed

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Guest Seifer Unhelmed

Are batch files case sensitive in their composition. I'll give you an example of what I mean:-


MD Music\MxNeht

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Mor.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Happy.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Anny.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Ser.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Break.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtb.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtc.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtd.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehta.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht8.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtm.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtn.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtp.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtr.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtq.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtf.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtg.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehth.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehti.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtj.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Nehtk.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht1.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht1.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht3.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht6.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht2.ogg

Neh'taniel\Sound\oggdec.exe Neh'taniel\Sound\S#Neht27.ogg

Copy Neh'taniel\Sound\*.wav override

Neh'taniel\Sound\SND2ACM.exe -wav Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.ogg Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.acm

Copy Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.acm Music\MxNeht

Del Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.wav

Del Neh'taniel\Sound\MxNehtA.acm

Del Neh'taniel\Sound\*.Wav


Now thw commands hilighted transfer an OGG file into a WAV then transfer it over to the override, it also adds the MXNeht file to the Music directory via the usual weidu command. Now the problem I have is that there is no ACM file to be transfered from the mod sound directory which is supposed to be created via the command hilighted in red.

Thus, I'm at wits end.


Can anyone suggest anything?

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Thats very strange. I'm not familiar with using ACM2WAV, but I'd be intruiged by the answer to this.


Btw, I think it makes the code a bit neater if using WeiDU (or at the start of the bat if you wish) you copy the contents of sounds directory into the override and then go to work:



@echo off

cd override

oggdec S#*.ogg

del S#*.ogg

del oggdec.exe

cd ..


Edit: Steve, on the line in red you want to be applying that the to the WAV not the OGG?


Edit#2: I remember reading somewhere that the game plays ACMs and double-speed so we have to slow em down or something. Is this true?


Edit#3: I tested having a directory containing:







With Foo.bat reading:


oggdec G#Myth.ogg

SND2ACM.exe -wav G#Myth.wav G#Myth.acm

del G#Myth.wav


It does exactly what it should. You'd probably want a 'del G#Myth.ogg' in there for UBER CODE but I didn't want to have to keep replacing my test file...

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Guest Guest

I should have know a typo would undermine me somewhere along the line.

Still, at the moment, the uber code doesn't really bother me, if it works, then I'm cool.


I'll go and test now, cheers Dave



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