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Guest I am no one

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Guest I am no one

Now a little about myself, I'm one of those old fashin hopeless romanick, I'll swepe a girl off her feet if I weren't so shy but I diegrece, in my games I love romance in it.

That's why I'm giveing you my ideas for romanceadle NPCs.


A woman so sweet and innocent, lovenig person but has anther presonality within her that's seeks to destroy all happyness for the ather.


A man, a renoun womenizer, crused an unbreackable cruse, to be a woman of great beauty and at the end is given a choce, resume his old life as a man or stay with his new life as a woman.


A meek woman who desres nothing but love, captured bantis, raped every day and night. Now afraid to even tuch a man, she is rescued by a hero, she travels with him now. Will you be heal her heart.


A mad experiment, an animal shape as a woman, an experiment excaped a wretched existence. An experiment with no name that only speaks broken commen. Could you help an experiment, can you name an experiment, can you even love an experiment, that's for you to deside.


well that's it for my idaes for now so good bye for now



"We always look for the compex anwser instead of the simple one" me

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Guest I am no one

deasinedthis topic is was createed for to share ideas for romanick mods, so any ideas I post feel free to use in any way, and I can come up with some weird ideas nahahaha.


A demon sent form hells to recute, the Baalspawn would of made a fine item.but even the most well lade plans can fail, even the most harden of hearts can be pierce by a weak useless emotion, even the black's heart can be shown the light.

Now faced with a choice, go back marked as a failur or try to live a life with the one who has her heart


A weapon yeans for it's master, but a sword can not inbreace it's master, a spear can not kiss it's master, a ax can not lay with it's master. Can a weapon gain a body to be with it's master, can the body please it's master.


A construct made form flash, aliveng weapon at the side of lord Baal. a weapon deasined to murder the lustful. a weapon inheired by one of Baal's progeny. Can a construct be more than a weapon, can a construct catian love.


A simbeotic lifeform lives in harmamy with it's host but what duse it feel for it's host duse it love it's host, but duse the host care about it, can the host care for it.


well I'm finshed with it for now feel free to use any of it you like



"Our weakness is not our flaws, but a way to be strong" me

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Guest I am no one

Nuthing new it's just me going over vareus ideas that I'll rant about.


ok I found a lesbian romance mod,found a by romance mod, but I only found the two and it got thinking, were are all the gay mods there should more of them.


With the duel presonality idea, I honastly can't help but to drawl simerlairtes with Tira from Soul Calibur 3, Tira being a fusion beteewn an innocent child persona and a murder.


I love strange romances, it's some thing I'm into, the weapon idea for one. The idea of dateing your sword that weard and would breing an interrasting romance

that's why I love strange romances, they are aways interrasting


I one thing I'm good at is romances but anther thing I'm good at is tragedy, as seen with the meek girl idea. In my romance storys are not always a happy afiar, beacsa bad things hapens expashaly sci-fi and fantas Odd isn't I'm really cheerful' happy guy. I just want my romances to make me cry and hope for a happy ending. I'm really a big softy. o ya the meek girl has to be romancedby a man, beacas a woman would be to easy.


One thing about me I can spell worth anything, shane really I have a large vocabulary can't spell half of it, story of my life. Bye for now.



"for one to live, one must die" me

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HYE, I'm duwning somthing new. Baseicly what I'm duwning a peace form what I'd do with the "demon girl romance idea" it's a secne that I can't get out of my head.


The red glow preice form the shadows, a place she went to for who knows what nobody can tell what a demon thinks.


"I finely found you. I was wreyed about you, it's not like you to ran off like that."


"Baalspawn, we can't denie what we are can we?" her voice unusualy soft.


"Is there something wrong"


"Your bas***red son Baal, you should be black hearted man." two glowing red orbes cented on me "But your not, infacked your the opasit, your an impossible, unforchly you'll sacome to the prophecy, we all do."


"I'm not going to let it hapen, I'm not going to become a monster. Even you can become better, I read it at candlekeep, it is posable"


With unhumen speed a figyor shot out from the shadows, a hand grasping my throat lifting me from the ground, glowing red eyes shone bright allmost blinding.


"I AM A DEMON YOU FOOL I EXIST ONLY TO DISTROY, I CAME HERE TO CORRUPT YOU, TO BRING YOU TO THE BLOOD WAR AS MY SLAVE. WHY DO CARE FOR ME?" the glow wande, lowly reveing a a womans face with streams of tears ever flowing and slowly catorting with pain, speaking with a voice fild with pain "WHY DO YOU CARE FOR ME, A FITHY DEMON"


"Beacse I know you can become more" Her hand let go, for once her eyes did not glow, her face eched with agony, and eye that have never be seen before now reveled, A lite red, almost pink told a tale that she could bearly look at him.

She claspt to her knee and began to sob uncontrollable. He grasped her in a inbrace, resting her head to his chest.


"I'll only betray you"

"Do you want to?"


"Then don't."

"A'll still betray you"



well that it for now see you later



"even the intelligent can do stupied things" me

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This is anther "demon girl romance idea" thing. I'm doing these things like the romances of bg2.


"Baalspawn, ever wonder be whats would be to something else?" a wicked grin crossed her face "After all if you weren't a ba***red son Baal most of poeple you cared about would still be alive or unscared." she giggeled litely.


"Yes I do, it's ironic that the fates can be cueler your kind demon."


Her glowing eye sented on, a hint of confusion on her face


"Do you find my body desirable?"




"Come now, don't you have desires?"


"This isn't you, demon you may be but this?"


"What the matter afied of what I can give you!?"


"I know your a demon but your not that kind of demon."


"What wrong your not man enough to take me, Baalspawn?"


"I'm leaveing now." he turn, annd began walk back to camp


"Answer me!"


His figure began to faded against the night




Her eyes shone with blinding light.




Her fist swung a round violently slaming aginst a tree burtaly, breaking the bark, drops of blood ran down the trunk. Her fangs bared.


"What's wrong with me? Handing my self out like a succubus hore, and to a mortal noless. What's wrong with me?"





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Why, isn't this SPOOOKY!

I consider it nice for you to think of some original romance content. I'm about to write one, but am very afraid for its originality, so to say. That's why I liked Edwin and Xan the most, cause both of them have something special about them. Though they are not exactly constructs come to life ???

I like the idea of a weapon in love with ist master. Like the talking Lilarcor sword, just a bit more weird than that...

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