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Enhanced EasyTutu Installer Beta Available


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Hello -


In an effort to pare down the amount of disk space required for an EasyTutu installation, I have recently finished developing enhanced versions of the EasyTutu installer. Although you certainly still have the option of having it work as it always has, you now also have the option of having the EasyTutu installer consume your BG1 installation during the setup process. What does this mean? Once anything is copied out of BG1 (music, soundsets, BIFFs), it is then deleted from BG1 to cut down on disk space requirements. Further, once the EasyTutu setup is complete, the installer attempts to invoke the BG1 uninstallation program in order to clean up the remnants of the consumed BG1 installation.


Based on my own testing, using this new option, users of EasyTutu-ToB should now only require about 1.1 GB of available disk space, instead of the previous 3.0+ GB of disk space. Some of that 1.1 GB is only needed temporarily for the setup process; the final install size should be in the range of 900 to 950 MB. Users of Tutu-SoA will require even less space than that (I didn't try to calculate exact numbers for SoA, though -- I am going with 1.1 GB as the catchall size).


As with all new software, this could stand to undergo some testing. The new installer performed very well in my own internal testing, but that just isn't quite the same as feedback from actual end users. For this reason, I am not yet releasing it on the main EasyTutu page, but only as links from forum posts at PPG and G3. I'd like to explore two issues:


* Does the "normal" installation continue to work as it always has, with no issues?

* Does the new "space saver" option work for you? Did it successfully uninstall BG1 at the end of the setup process?


I need to test the former because some substantial rewriting of the BG1 resource mining had to take place in order for me to achieve the level of granularity I needed for implementing the new install option. The latter needs testing because, well, it's the new bit.


Note: The "beta" installer has been rolled over to the live distribution, so it's now available via the normal download on the main EasyTutu page.

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