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Okay, these are free floaters, weights are not needed, Xan's files are BO#XAN and BO#XAN25, Tiax's files are BO#TIAX and BO#TIA25. The author of both mods happens to be the same person, unfortunately.




1. (Imoen is NOT in the party)


Xan: ~You know, Tiax, you should be proud of yourself.~

Tiax: ~Tiax doesn't need to be proud of himself! When he rules, he will have thousands of slaves being proud of him, and singing praises to Tiax the Grand, day and night!~

Xan: ~(sigh) Of course. But for the time being, you have to make do with us, do you not? And, surprisingly, you are doing splendidly.~

Tiax: ~Tiax is always doing... er, what? What do you mean, you!~

Xan: ~Oh, I thought you knew. You see, we went to great lengths to get to Spellhold. <CHARNAME> accepted several rather dangerous missions to get the gold necessary to secure our passage. Fifteen thousand gold, I should add - not a sum to be easily discarded, is it?~

Tiax: ~Hmm. Continue.~

Xan: ~Then we joined a rather nefarious organization - and yes, when I say "nefarious", I keep you in mind. It was as if the Fates were determined to get us through the mill - and doom us in the process. We did not die - well, neither I nor <CHARNAME> did not, at least - but there were quite a few... casualities.~

Xan: ~And finally, we arrived to Spellhold, where we were drugged and treated unfavourably at best, and, incidentally, <CHARNAME> managed to lose <PRO_HISHER> soul in the process. Irenicus, of course, escaped unscathed.~

Xan: ~Now that I think of it all - of all these wasted efforts, of gold and blood and suffering and death - I see that the only reward we received is your 'delightful' company. That's why I say that you should be proud, Tiax. I am not sure that <CHARNAME> would have done the same for me, for example.~

Tiax: ~As you should! Tiax the Grand is worth even more sacrifices...~

Tiax: ~... er, fifteen thousand?~

Xan: ~Yes.~

Tiax: ~Hmph. You were but pawns of Tiax' DESTINY, so 'tis of no importance! But Tiax... will consider rewarding his loyal minions, once he rules.~




Tiax: ~Mage! When will you finally learn some spells in the name of Cyric?!~

Xan: ~Oh? Do enlighten me which ones they are. "Cyric's Doom"? "The hopelessness of Cyric"? Or, per chance, "The most gruesome death in the name of Cyric"?~

Tiax: ~Blasphemy! When Tiax rules -~

Tiax: ~Hmm. When Tiax rules, you will be inscribing these spells for him - in the name of Tiax and Cyric!~

Xan: ~(sigh) I can imagine that "Tiax' Feeblemind" will prove to be quite popular. Wouldn't Cyric take offence at such familiarity, though?~

Tiax: ~Bah! 'Twas PROMISED to Tiax by Cyric himself that he will rule!~

Xan: ~Whatever. I'd expect "The Smiting by Cyric" soon, if I were you.~






Tiax: ~Soon Tiax rules!~ [O#TIAX26]

Xan: ~Last time you said that, you were nearly chopped in half by Gromnir's soldiers. Are you eager to repeat the experience?~

Tiax: ~Tiax dismisses these disorganized remarks as provocative! Know your place, mage!~

Xan: ~(sigh) Certainly, Tiax. I spend sleepless days and nights without food wondering where my place will be when Tiax rules. When will it be, by the - no, no, I'd prefer not to know.~

Tiax: ~And rightly so! You should all dread Tiax' rule, for once he ascends, every act of discourtesy and ridicule towards Tiax the Grand will be remembered!~

Xan: ~I do not think it matters. Our inevitable demise is close, in any case.~

Tiax: ~*Your* inevitable demise, for Tiax cannot die! He rules all!~

Xan: ~(groan) I can just imagine: a heap of corpses and a mad gnome, ruling it. Why do you even bother?~

Tiax: ~Hmm. When Tiax rules, you will be standing on this pile, proclaiming gruesome deaths for everyone who will dare oppose Cyric and Tiax! And then you will join the pile, too.~

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