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Bugs in version 2.4


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I lock this topic in order to keep it tidy. You can report any issues you notice in separate threads.




When picking up 'the map' make sure that you pick up 'the letter' too. They're on the same, uh, corpse. Due to an oversight a global variable doesn't get set unless you have both at least for a while. You can safely drop the letter after the journal entry appears. fixed


If you pick Amber up relatively late in the game she might talk about Imoen's missing soul even though Bodhi is already dead. fixed?

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The friendship talks will get stuck if you are playing a kitless cleric or a cleric with a custom kit. Clerics of Lathander, Talos and Helm have nothing to worry about. Both romances work just fine as well, even though the talk in question is shared by all three tracks. fixed

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- 'No valid replies or links' in Amber initiated flirts. still cant find it


- The morning after talk is not firing securely enough. can't really do anything


- Do something about Cromwell.


- Check the inns for fifth lovetalk. checked, seems to be okay


- Shorter timers for Rashryn. fixed


- There was a problem with Haegan / Corin again? -> check


- Typos:


In Amber's dialogue, she says, "<Charname>, I never thanked you for coming to my rescue when those slavers captured me. It vas very sweet of you, even if it was a bit unnecessary. You are a true friend and I appreciate that."


The "vas" in the second sentence should be "was".



In the prison:


Me - "Could I see this creature for myself?"

Max - "Well, I s'pose if you had the right form... you neaad his seal for the form anyway."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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