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Building/Running GemRB Mac OS X Intel?

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Hello, I see that some other people have GemRB running in OS X apparently and I was wondering if anyone could help me or tell me how exactly to go about this? I am not an expert with the Unix Console or anything but if given basic instructions as to what I need and what steps would be needed in or to get this to work, I could figure out the rest on my own I believe. Anyways, if anyone can provide me with a step-by-step process list as to what I need to do or anything like that, I would appreciate it very much! ???

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First download and install development libraries for SDL and OpenAL.

Of course, you will need the autotools (automake, autoconf) as well.

Once that's done, you just have to type:


cd <gemrb root dir>



make install



(well, this never works, something always needs adjustment, but that depends on the actual output).

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I have attempted getting GemRB to work on OSX and there were numerous problems like tool paths not being set for the build process, libraries not building (had to get them off http://darwinports.opendarwin.org ). To my knowledge, there is currently a problem with how GemRB handles SDL that prevents it from running on OSX. A possible workaround is building SDL with '--enable-video-carbon --disable-video-cocoa', but I have not yet had the opportunity to test this. A working solution would be directly linking GemRB to SDL, but this requires altering the code.

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