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Guest Guillaume Serre

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Guest Guillaume Serre

Hey all,


I spent some time building today's CVS using Visual Studio 2005 express and was wondering if the result was of any use to you, as I noticed sourceforge only carries an outdated 0.26 binary.

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It won't build on msvc 7 right now, because it misses IniSpawn from the core project.

Other than that, it would compile.


(I'm the author of the previous post).


Actually current CVS compiles quite well with MSVC, I just had to add 2 GEM_EXPORT defines somewhere and it worked ok.

And what do you mean by "it misses IniSpawn" ? I created a new MSVC solution and projects for all plugins and everything compiles cleanly, including IniSpawn.cpp.

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Ah well, if you created your own project files, it surely works :)

But the CVS tree also contains project files for msvc 6 and 7, in a separate module.

I thought you had trouble with that.


If you can (you need a sourceforge account) please supply the patches for your required changes.

Or just write here.

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Now i understood your original post.


I wouldn't have trouble compiling the .exe, the lack of a windows binary is because i couldn't make a package which includes python libraries in a way it would be self sufficient. Some people installed a different version of Python and this caused some problems with the previous version (this is why i didn't build a new windows version yet).

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