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Problem with PST

Guest Guest_David_*

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Guest Guest_David_*

I've downloaded the last binaries for windows and some strange problems appear:

1) No video is played

2) In the main menu no "click" sound can be heard

3) After creating a "new life", no intro sequence appears, morte won't speak to me and the menus are not displayed.


I get several error messages in the console, but I don't know how to copy them. In my opinion, the worst of them is maybe "Missing function:UpdateControlStatus"?


I'm running the game on a AMD Turion 64 2x1.6 machine, with winXP and little more installed on it.


Should I install something else or configure it in another way?

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The first few error messages are important.

You shouldn't install anything else, this pack should have been self-reliant.

If you didn't install any version of python yet, install python 2.3

If you installed some other version already, then copy your version of python.dll over the python23.dll found in the gemrb directory.

If this doesn't help, then i have little else to say.

Ahh, and to enable sound, probably remove the nullsound.dll

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Guest Guest_David_*


After installing Python the in-game-menus are working. The music works fine, but the buttons have no sound.


And still have some minor problems, namely, there is no intro movies. However, I can play them selecting them in the "options" menu.


The error messages that show up at the start are:


[KEYImporter]: Searching for itemexcl.2da...[ERROR]

[KEYImporter]: Searching for itemdial.2da...[ERROR]


Then, once I am playing, I still notice other strange things, like the music not switching to the appropriate track when the first one has finished.


But I don't know if you're interested in this kind of bug reports. I know that there're a lot of functions that are not implemented, but do you think it's too soon for starting paying attention to the small details?


Anyhow, congratulations on your new version, it's way more playable than the first time I tried it one year ago.

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If you hear item sounds in the inventory screen (when equipping/unequipping), then there is nothing wrong with the sound effects.

Probably just not all gui sounds are implemented :)


The intro movies are probably disabled by the SkipIntroVideos option in your config.

Or commented out in Start.py, as they are playing separately, there isn't any core engine problem.


itemexcl/itemdial do not exist in PST, so you can safely ignore those lines.


Music not switching: yes, i noticed some problem with that. It is truly a small problem, but it isn't true i wouldn't care with small problems. I just recently fixed the focus problem which disabled the numeric hotkeys in the dialog. (This fix isn't in the windows version i think). I work on this game ALONE, except with help from wjp. Still current estimate is that all 5 (7) games will be playable by the end of this year.

PST isn't the top priority, though. The priority order is: BG1, BG2, TOB, PST, IWD (HoW), IWD2.

This is based on engine complexity (weirdness) and popularity.

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Avenger, I have identified the sound files used for most of the buttons/windows:

- Almost all buttons: INT_10.wav


- Rund buttons in graphic options menu:

INT_10.wav + INT_01.wav (enabled->disabled)

INT_10.wav + INT_02.wav (disabled->enabled)


- Child windows (including the in-game round menu):

When opening: INT_03.wav

When closing: INT_04.wav


Now my question is, should I use the function GemRB.PlaySound in every button or is there a way for applying the same sound (INT_10.wav) to all buttons?


The sound in the inventary is working ok, but there is no sound when transferring an item from/to a container.

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