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BG2 Resting Problem


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Hi All,


I've noticed a strange problem lately with my BG2 Installation. Basically when resting outside in such areas as the Druid's Grove or the D'Arnise Keep my game crashes to the desktop. Resting anywhere else seems to be fine though.


The mods I have currently installed are:


Banter Pack

BG2 Tweaks

Item Upgrades

Cespenar Audio

Edwin (SOA, TOB & Flirts)

Getting Rid Of Anomen

Dungeon Be Gone



NPC Flirt Pack

Improved Oasis




I've checked the forums and nothing obvious is jumping out at me, but if I've overlooked something obvious apologies in advance. Any help will be very gratefully received. ;) Thanks in advance.


Best wishes, whiteowluk

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Check if it still crashes when you kick every NPC from party.


Hi Again,


Kicking every npc from the party did the trick. Narrowing it down further it appeared to be Edwin that was causing the problem so I'll do a re-install of that mod and see if I still get the problem. Thank you for the quick response. I really do appreciate it. ;)


Best wishes, whiteowluk

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