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RE: Make a new game with GemRB


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Hi again! (Other topic locked!)


We arent one person, we are two people and none of us arent a programmer!!! ;) !!!

But, you are right its "stickied". Its only a fragment of a thought ..... my idea are so far away i dont even know where to begin.

Still.... i feel this interest to check which doors i can open!



Some small questions:

When you say "IE" games, do you mean "Infinity Engine games"?

What's GPL licensen?


My main idea of the new game were to have the complete engine for BG 2 and modify it with the some small things from BG 1, which BioWare decided to take away, and some modification from IWD 2 and other games...

The main is to make a new game that is better than BG 2.



like you say... its only a dream...but i still feel some small hope!


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Yes, IE stands for bioware's Infinity Engine.


GPL basically means that if you made a change to the engine, you should give away the source with the executable. It is not too important if you don't touch GemRB code itself ;)

Except that you accept that others might modify your stuff and distribute it as well.


What you want is probably possible with just configuring gemrb properly, and probably modifying a few data files (from the original games).

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