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Item upgrade question


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since the item maker i use does not support the descriptions, i was told to use this command


COPY ~mymod/myitem.itm~ ~override/myitem.itm~ This copies your item from your source folder to the override folder

SAY NAME1 ~Some Sword~

SAY NAME2 ~My Sword +1~

SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~This is an unidentified sword.~

SAY DESC ~This is my sword. It is +1.~



i wanted to see how weimer did his and i looked in the item upgrade tp2 and found this


COPY ~c2/itm/c2keld01.itm~      ~override/c2keld01.itm~

  WRITE_ASCII 0x3a "c2keld01"

  WRITE_LONG    0x34 20000

  WRITE_SHORT 0x42 0

  SAY NAME2  @144

  SAY DESC      @145


it would be much easier to do it like weimer instead of having a huge section for 1 item, so how do i make this happen? how do i make a reference to a number instead of an actual description?

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The @number after SAY NAME and SAY DESC point to a translation file, which has lists of numbers then strings. It's just another way of assigning the name and description, which makes it easier for people wanting to translate your mod. :)


Personally, I tend to just use code like you posted in the first example.


The WRITE_LONG etc commands, by the way, are not to do with assigning the name, they are patching other parts of the item file. You probably won't need to do that.

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