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Ascension Problems

Guest Qusus

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Guest Qusus

Ok, I know Ascension was an semi-official mod and that no one on G3 worked on it but I figured this was the best place to ask it maybe since you guys are all vets at the game and know a lot about this stuff? If there's a better forum for this, please tell me and I'll take my question over there.


I'm running a full patched version of ToB with Ascension v1.4 installed and NO other mods - none at all. I just noticed that with the restored Bhaalpowers ability you get from the 4 challenges, two of the evil ones don't seem to work. (They cast but don't actually seem to do anything.) They are Evil Taint and Hand of Murder. Has anyone encountered these problems before? Any idea how to fix it? Thanks.

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You should use latest weidu version v1.4.21 (available from http://www.weidu.org/)


From version changelog:

* Ascension/WeiDU v1.4.20
+ Added Kish's "the Five won't die" bugfix. 
+ Added Lord Kain's "Dark Taint @ Level 25" bugfix. 
+ The Hand Of Murder ability never actually did anything before. It
  now works as advertised. 
+ Bug in Balthazar's "Solar Stance" fixed -- it was supposed to make
  all of his melee effects deal extra fire damage and heal him, but did

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Guest Qusus

Actually it seems that I have a slight problem:


Apparently you can't install the Weidu version if you already have Ascension installed... : (


So anyways, I decided that I should uninstall Ascension first by deleting all the Ascension override files in my override directory. How did I do this without a backup you ask? Well, I simply arranged the files by date modified, and the files that were modified on Feb 20th, 2pm in 2007 would be the Ascension files. There were 366 of them, exactly the number that was in Ascension downloaded override folder. However, there was another file, called SPIN910 (all caps) that was NOT in the Ascension override folder but was modified on 5PM on Feb 20th 2007. I'm wondering how this file ended up there? Can someone without any mods installed check their override folder to see if that file exists?


Also, I didn't backup by dialog.tlk file... can someone with a clean install just SoA and ToB send that to me?




That would be greatly appreciated. (Or if you know some other way to get my original dialog.tlk file back, that would be good too... does reinstalling the patch do it? Hmm.)


Ok thanks in advance guys.

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Guest Qusus

OK. Re-installing the ToB patch restored my dialog.tlk file so everything is OK. I'm still wondering about that SPIN910 thingy in my override folder though. Anyone else know what I should do with it.

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Guest Qusus
SPIN910 is "Domination" innate ability. Used, for example, by several Githyanki CREs. I don't have it in my backup of clean post-patch override.


Much thanks pro5.

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