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Please spoil me for Xan's last lovetalk - full elf path


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I have been playing through Tutu trying a few different romances for the last few weeks, and I still have to play through again for a fanfic I am writing, so I am really not relishing dragging myself through the thief maze one more time just to hear Xan's last lovetalk.


Plus I am anxious to try out Xan in BG2 and I don't want to have missed anything.




P.S. The BG1 NPC Project is truly an epic of awesomeness!

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Have you seen the Bhaalspawn/Chapter 7 lovetalks?

"*sigh* I’ve been dreading the moment all day."/"I have been thinking about your heritage for quite some time now."/"The end of our journey is close at hand."?


All right, here you go:




XAN: <CHARNAME>, before we die, I have another issue to speak to you about. Ironic as it may seem, it concerns our future.

1. What future?

XAN: Yes, that was exactly what I meant. You are insufferable, do you know that?

1. No, it is you who is insufferable. I am mirroring you, that’s all.

XAN: Don’t. It is easy to fall in love with a mirror, but I prefer you as you are. ****FUTURE

2. *grin* Am I stealing your lines?

XAN: *sigh* You had already stolen everything of me there was to steal. ****FUTURE

3. No, I am simply reminding you of what is to come.

XAN: My memory is as good as it ever was, <CHARNAME>. I fail to see why I need another reminder. Yes, the finale is near, and it is possible that one or both of us will die. I only hope it would be me. The visions about you turning to dust are bad enough without looking forward to a practical demonstration. ****FUTURE

2. Of course, Xan, what is it? ****FUTURE

3. Can’t it wait? We are to meet Sarevok in a few minutes.

XAN: I am perfectly aware of that, <CHARNAME>. We are standing on the edge of a precipice, and the rock under our feet is crumbling. But I think you must know what I have to say before we wander into death’s arms. ****FUTURE



XAN: When… if… it is over, I will have to abandon you for a few weeks. A long time, I know, but I see no other way. I have to report on my mission… and ask my superiors’ permission to leave. I am going to resign.

1. Will they let you go?

XAN: <CHARNAME>, I am not a member of the Black Network, as you probably recall. Greycloaks do not kill those who are no longer willing to participate. ****GOODBYE

2. Are you… are you going to travel with me after you return?

XAN: *sigh* <CHARNAME>… you do not think I’ll stay at the Ducal palace and start teaching the guards magic, instead, do you? Yes, I am giving up my illustrious career to remain with you. ****GOODBYE

3. That is good to know. Still, we’ll have to confront Sarevok first. ****GOODBYE

4. Can’t I come with you?

XAN: I wish it were possible, but, given your parentage, it is not. ****GOODBYE



XAN: If we lose the battle, there is no future. But if we win, this short separation will mean nothing. It might be dangerous for you to stay in the city: too many suspect your true lineage. But wherever your mad destiny hurls you, wilderness, city or dungeon, I… I’ll find you, and we’ll walk together again. I promise. *sigh* That, or you might start looking for my dead body in a few months.

XAN: And the last thing, <CHARNAME>, before the darkness descends… I love you. From the Nashkel mines to the Undercity, to the grave and beyond, in the Dreamscape and in the Prime - I love you, and I always will. Come. It is time.

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