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The Cromwell Dialog loop rears its ugly head


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The issue I'm seeing is the classic one described before v2 came out -- Cromwell is obsessed with Amber's bracelet.



OS/Hardware: Mac 10.4.8 Macbook 2 GHz Dual Core, 2 GB RAM

SOA & TOB plus Bioware patch for TOB (no SOA patch per Bioware and MacPlay)


Weidu log (in installed order)


Kelsey TOB


Ashes of Embers (Sensible Weapons restrictions, Unique Weapons, throwing Spears, Wizard Slayer Kit, Priests of Oron, Lahan-Riyashal, Thieron, Cathoun, Yathar) New Armor, Anomen's New proficiencies, Viconia's New proficiencies, Keldorn's New Proficiencies)


Ascension (Tougher Abazigal, Demogorgon, Gromnir, Illasera, Yaga-Shura)

Unfinished Business (Kidnapping of Boo, Suna Seni-Valygar, Kalah, Cat and Mouse, Gorke Jilldark, Pai'na/Spider's Bane, Restored Crooked Crane, Restored Encounters, Artemis Entreri, Zar's Creations, Hell Minions, Gorf the Squisher, Item Restorations, Corrected BAMS and Scripts, Character Names and Bios, Minor Dialogs, Bhaalspawn Powers, TOB Item Descriptions, Minor Restorations, Justifier Kit, FGeralan Kit, Sarevok's Remorse.)


D0Tweak ( Enhanced goodberries, corrected summoned demon behavior, corrected demon animations, tweaKed weapon enchantments, additional racial enemies, summoning cap removal, pnp celestial fury, Ghrey's holy symbol fix, smarter illusionary clones, kensai ryus restored drow innate abilities , remove Quayle portrait, sensible lore table, improved backstabbing)


BG2Tweaks (most)



Sporeboy's alternate portraits (Aerie, Mazzy and Viconia)

Plasmocrat's alternate portraits (Minsc, Keldorn, Nalia)

Underrepresented Items

Amber (current version, downloaded and installed on 16 Feb)


She's last, and was not double installed.


So, I went into wsmith01.dlg with Text Wrangler and got to digging around and I'm not seeing anything that is making my spidey senses go A-HA!


I also can't recall anything in the above hacks affecting Cromwell, but I may be missing something.



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