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Valeero, a Priestess of Lathander, arrived from Neverwinter to Luskan ahead of her regiment to ensure that the rare cooperation between Luskan and Neverwinter will remain the cooperation, and that Luskaners do not try anything that an ally does not expect from an ally. The energetic priestess soon desicovered that one of the acolytes she brought along was far defter in handling the diplomatic intrigues than herself. Valeero left the said acolyte in charge of wheeling and dealing with Luskan and set out for the Icewind Dale with the intention to join into the fight and rendezvous with Captain Mariner men in Targos. Looking into these sharp eyes, and handsome, tanned, almost ageless face, you quickly get the idea that you have acquired an assertive, driven companion. It also does not take long to notice that in addition to her expertise Valeero brings to the table a pocketful of sayings, both tried and true, and the ones she had probably invented on the spot. Something in her manner hints at the past hardships, now overcome; it is also evident that presently Valeero knows joy and fulfillment.

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