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Salomeya Orcini in her own words hails from Turmish, but was born in Calim desert to an elven mother and an aristocratic outlaw. The fortunes turned around, and her father had regained his high station, but Salomeya's mother did not trusted the Calimshites, so she fostered her daughter in Turmish before forever disappearing from Salomeya's life. Having grown up, Salomeya desired a place of power and traveled to Calimshan. There she let the circumstances of her birth remain a loosely guarded secret, and used it along with her considerable beauty to ingratiate herself with various nobles at her half-brother's court. Salomeya hired herself out as a bard, but before long she became acquainted with the arts of assassination and spying. It seems that one of the complex intrigues went awry, and she fled. From her tales, her life continued to be a colorful blend of hair-rising escapades and passionate affairs until she ended up in the North.

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