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  1. Oh! That solves a mystery. I suspected that the area of effect information must be encoded in the projectile, but I didn't know for sure - thanks for clearing that up! As for Spell Deflection, I think the way that family of spells works in NWN1/2 is that the benefactor of the Spell Deflection wasn't supposed to be able to avoid area spells at all if he wasn't the direct specific target of the spell. Which I'm not even sure I would want to try doing with how limited my knowledge is of BG2EE's workings. I can see how you would want Hold Person to eat SD charges, but I'm not sure that somethi
  2. But I don't really understand what that has to do with where the spell's save is invoked. You mean that if the save were on the parent effect that it would be called before the projectile lands at its target location?
  3. That's at least within rules, as targeting individual creatures with similated area of effect effects is definitely NOT in the rules. I'm not sure I really understand what you mean.
  4. Are you sure that's how it would work? I thought it cast 507D on every target within the area? Is 507D the .spl with the area defined? For that matter, I didn't change the targeting field, so it looks like my version SR has either altered Hold Monster to only affect one creature regardless, or there's something else that's defining the area and number of targets of both spells.
  5. Ugh... so it is exactly what I feared, then? Do you mean that the RNG only provides a single roll for a given frame or tick, and the designers are just sort of assuming that it will all happen so fast that it won't matter much? I have another question if you can help: I've noticed that the druid Avenger kit gets a few spells that other druids don't get. I think SR has swapped out Chaos (which my .tlk says they're supposed to get at spell level 5, but I think SR has removed it in favor of the higher level sphere of chaos -style spell) for Cone of Cold. And anyway, I wonder if there's an eas
  6. So, I was noodling around in DLTCEP the other day, correcting a lot of errors in various files that my latest mod list accumulated (just a few mods couldn't recognize others mods' items and spells and so their changes obviously didn't affect each other, but that's not important). And I noticed something odd about how Spell Revisions (v4 beta 14) does its spells. Area spells are usually formatted so that they just have an effect with opcode [146] (Cast Spell At Target), basically affecting all targets within the area with a second spell linked to within that effect. This is where the potenti
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