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  1. Case closed, I played for another ~hour and I had a runner urge me to go see Aster, and there she was -- voice acted and all! Thanks for your quick reply, I'm looking forward to enjoying the content of your mod, it seems like a great addition to the Balder's Gate saga!
  2. I have a possible bug with Aster not spawning, posted in separate thread. Edit: False alarm, nothing to see here, move along!
  3. Potentially just me being bad, but, how does one initiate the paladin path? Right after being visited by Valen and Brus, I head straight for the government district and I get the cut scene. And then what? I found a post on gamefaqs saying that I should head to the second floor of the five flagons inn in the bride district, so I tried that, but I find no Aster NPC there. Am I missing something? I run BGEE with the "recommended" big world setup mod-maneger mods. Edit: I'm terribly sorry for the multiple posts, I have no idea how that happened!
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