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  1. I don't have 2.5 installed so it's not that. Might be some interaction with an other mod though. Are you sure it's better calls for help? I've experienced that before but to me it looked like it was actually Neera hitting a commoner with Color Spray. Yep, i am pretty sure. I did a few reloads, the commoner was on the edges of the fight and far outside every action. i reinstalled the EET right after it with only the "call for help" option disabled and changed. That fixed it.
  2. The "better call for help" option works to good. If meet Neera the first time in Beregost the 2 guards and the wizard get hostile and red but also the commoners around. Happens only with that option on.
  3. Hi I used the Excellent/Fine option for weapons. Works good so far but may i suggest to use a slightly more recolored icon for the weapons? Because the eye goes from up to down a different hilt color would be great. Its really not easy to see them in bigger fights in the quick loot slot, alot less visible as the original +1 weapon icons. So its a bit a decrease in usuability for the player. I also noticed that the size did not match for me. A excellent long sword looks more like short sword from the size now.
  4. np, i really like your stuff - i buyed and played the original games nearly 20 years ago and played it now again with a full modded version of EE and its fantastic to see how all still had so much support. I for sure speak for ALOT people who never rised their voice - thank you!
  5. I installed the RC2 with the EE mod installer to a EET and playing it now. I enabled nearly all what was possible from SCS: I had to fix by hand in the file acid_storm_tonedown.tpa the line LAF clone_spell STR_VAR spell="%WIZARD_VITRIOLIC_SPHERE%Z=>%WIZARD_ACID_STORM%Z" edits=patch_data END to LAF clone_spell STR_VAR spell="%WIZARD_VITRIOLIC_SPHERE%=>%WIZARD_ACID_STORM%" edits=patch_data END I had also one time ERROR: cannot convert %WIZARD_MORDENKAINENS_SWORD_IWD_LEVEL% or %%WIZARD_MORDENKAINENS_SWORD_IWD_LEVEL%% to an integer ERROR: [ALHEL.CRE] -> [override/ALHEL.CRE] Pa
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