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  1. Where should I mention Trilogy bugs, which remained even after Fixpack installed? I am not sure if Trilogy supported in such way. I am talking about strange companion behaviour when our reputation becomes too low/high (>18). For example Viconia will say that she is leaving, but nothing happened afterwards. Instead she will wait for couple of seconds and then automatically initiate dialog about joining. The same with Kivan, Imoen. Khalid and Jaheira are fine probably due to their couple status. I am making 100% playthrough of BGT 1.18 and would be glad to give massive feedback about such bugs.
  2. I have Gog versions of BG 1 and 2, BGT 1.18. As I understand off. patches are already installed. I didnt launch those games before installing BGT (so config files are not fully filled), dont know if that is important or not.
  3. Fixpack first, every guide tells about that. Tobex - Ascension - Fixpack - BGT.
  4. For some reason state changing messages after most spells (Hold etc) doubled with Fixpack installed on English BGT version. I tested it many times (on Flaming Fist cleric assaulting Viconia, since he casts Hold Humanoid every time) with or without other mods, including Tobex. ______ Yep, the problem is 100% with Fixpack Core part.
  5. Move NPC had a problem with Alora in v.7 (I guess its still there since it wasnt mentioned in changelog) - she is located in the second location (with Elminster at the start) near the secret with a Ring of Protection +1. Her dialog is still about robbery from the original. And this component is installed even when I skip it and choose other NPCs. I am using BGT 1.18.
  6. BGT is still 1.18 version without any new updates for many уears (at least on ModDB or should I look somewhere else?), so I thought community forgot about it.
  7. Just ridiculous. Through TobEx I activated displaying damage rolls and this bonus damage came from ATTACK OF OPPORTUNITY. Looks like if someone attacks target which is unarmed (like all of my 1lvl test chars in Candlekeep. Premade chars had some weapon on them from the beginning) or equipped with ranged weapon (like the main hero I am playing right now), it received +4 to attack and damage. I am sure half of fans dont even know about such minor details. I am so glad its finally over, sorry for pointless thread.
  8. As I understand BGT forums are dead, hail EE and all that... so sorry for offtop. Probably fix for my problem could be included in future Fixpack or there is some easy solution that i am not aware. Sorry for my english level etc. So the bug is that if you create custom hero in BGT BG1, damage rolls against him will be completely messed up. Shank (assasin in a house near the stables) will inflict 4 damage when its capped to 1 in original (its tutorial after all). I checked BG 1 original and EE - he should inflict exactly 1 damage every time and 2 for criticals. But with custom protagonist damage will be 4-5 which is exceeds dagger parameters. The same for stable-guy with staff. He inflicts 8-10 damage every time when he should have 3-8 range considering 1-6 base damage, +2 from proficiency and no STR bonuses. Once again I checked BG 1 and EE - everything is fine there. If you take them under control with CTRL-Q, their damage will be normal, so this extra damage exists only against our hero. This two NPCs are the easiest to check the bug, but the problem persists for entire game resulting in main hero getting oneshotted even from cobold-archers. I guess this is happening because during character creation in BGT the game considered to be BG2-like. But since its BG1, something strange happens. If you choose premade BG1 heroes (labeled as BGTHIEF, BGMAGE), instead of creating your own, the problem will be gone. And with Shadowkeeper you can easily edit premade-monstrosity into your own character. But if you choose BG2 character (labeled as THIEF, MAGE) the problem remains, proofing that its engine problem during Trilogy installation. Installing TobEx or Fixpack before Trilogy doesnt fix that. Looks like EE version fixed that, but in my recent playthrough with some mods and tweaks (humans are able to multiclass) this bug happened again.
  9. I spent the entire night figuring out what is going on. Whats the point of that page with only Linux versions?
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