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  1. Very sorry again. Are you currently working on Laduguer, the Duergar deity? I hope you keep safe in the current global time of troubles.
  2. I think I know what happened after reviewing it. There was another mod (might have been tweaks) that did not install correctly. When I deleted everything and reinstalled it seemed ok. I am very sorry for wasting your time. I only realised this after noticing other bugs that I had otherwise never seen. Very sorry again.
  3. Reporting possible bug for Eye of Gruumsh; supposed to be able to achieve Mastery in spears but cannot even use them:
  4. I am getting this error with the cleric of Moradin...any ideas?
  5. I actually have a half-finished mod for POE2. One day I might get back to it.
  6. Of course. Take your time, just always been that gnome guy. How is Moradin looking?
  7. Very nice, though I am most looking forward to the eventual addition of the other Lords of the Golden Hills. Curious though with the spheres...I mean they would literally only have access to one elemental sphere...in theory I guess?
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