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  1. Thanks for enlightening me. The bottom action bar does not expand to max screen width ... it feels like it stayed at 800pixels. Might be related to my screen setup. Panasonic CF-J10 1366x768. I'll turn it down to saner values, like 1024x768, and hope it gets better. Setting it up an teeny weeny portable laptop ... 10.1" inches vieable area ... which is huge compared to BGEE running on the Switch Thanks all!
  2. i think i might have not understood after all Orz~ for the actual gameplay ... it works ... bottom tool doesn't expand to whole screen width, left and right tools expand to screen height character sheets destroys the UI. as well as the saving/loading UI. is this correct behaviour for the mod? should i expect the same when i use the mod on BG2? i keep thinking that my version is not supported by the widescreen mod. TIA
  3. Thanks for taking time to reply. Understood both points. Waiting for the update to pop in the openbsd ports tree. Local compile works though. Thanks for all the efforts of the GemRB team.
  4. my setup: OpenBSD 6.6-current (Panasonic J-10 laptop) gemrb (0.8.5) Baldur's Gate The Original Saga (included in my GoG BG:EE purchase) (clean) (Fullscreen=1 in GemRb.cfg, 640x480) i extracted/installed on a Linux machine and applied the mods. only 3 mods installed Widescreen, Tweaks Anthology, SCS. installed in that order. rsync the folders to OpenBSD machine. when installing widescreen ... the GemRB option was selected ... set 640x480 and 1440x900 running BG ... i don't get any widescreen the other mods work (i installed larger stacking numbers for item
  5. a question from a noob GOG BG:EE on Linux LUbuntu 19.04 SCS v32.7 + Tweaks Anthology v9 (both are the latest versions from github) Is there a required sequence of installing the mods? I believe there is none. But right now i enabled the Convenient Location mods and Viconia is not on the road South of Beregost. I think she's still on the same location pre-mod ... East of the road still hounded by the guards. I'd post my weidu.log later if needed.
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