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  1. Quality takes time Take all of it that you need.
  2. Oh hell, I just saw this! Grats on the update, and you're welcome
  3. Hm, I'll have to fiddle around with these some more. It looks like the Script attached to the jail portal handles the area target when clicked, though the region itself is flagged as "info", not "travel". Does that have any bearing on anything?
  4. @Lauriel @Jarno Mikkola Ah, I've tried it with a new save, and the new polygons I've set up do show up with just the .are file in the override and none of Gwendolyne's code, but clicking on the polygon sends the actor down to the door I copied those polygons from. I'm not entirely sure what's causing this. The new polygon "opens" as well when I open the orignal, though it doesn't close. Also, will only putting my .are in the override cause conflicts with other mods that also make edits to the area? @Gwendolyne I see. A rough polygon already exists at ABANDON10, though it isn't mapped for anything as far as I know. This is what it looks like.
  5. Hm, I'll keep that in mind when I get to the things that will need that trigger.
  6. I seem to recall a few mods that have done this, though I can't remember which... So far, I've tried @Gwendolyne method to no effect. Code and a shot of the DLTCEP edit below. This is for BG2ee, using ABANDON10, a door a small distance away from Quataris's stall. //ar0700 new travel region and new entrance for YYARTO COPY_EXISTING ~AR0700.ARE~ ~override~ // The original area you want to modify PATCH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE> 0x11b) THEN BEGIN // Minimum size of a .ARE file = Verification of the validity of the .ARE LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_loc_x = 2292 fj_loc_y = 1672 fj_orientation = 12 STR_VAR fj_structure_type = entrance fj_name = Exit0702 END LPF ~ADD_AREA_REGION_TRIGGER~ INT_VAR ab_RT_Type = 2 ab_RT_BbLX = 1325 ab_RT_BbLY = 1502 ab_RT_BbHX = 1389 ab_RT_BbHY = 1597 ab_RT_VxPr = 4 ab_RT_CuId = 43 ab_RT_LPoX = 1369 ab_RT_LPoY = 1553 ab_RT_Vx_X_0 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_0 = 1551 ab_RT_Vx_X_1 = 1389 ab_RT_Vx_Y_1 = 1502 ab_RT_Vx_X_2 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_2 = 1544 ab_RT_Vx_X_3 = 1325 ab_RT_Vx_Y_3 = 1597 STR_VAR ab_RT_Name = ABANDON10 ab_RT_Dest = YYARTO ab_RT_EntN = EXIT0700 END END // of PATH_IF (SOURCE_SIZE > 0x11b) BUT_ONLY
  7. Yeah, I went in and changed some of those around when you pointed out transaction order was a thing. Worked like a charm EscapeArea seemed the obvious culprit given the similarities. Is ordering relevant in scripts too? I've had some trouble with getting StartDialogueNoSet() to fire, which I've been circumventing by simply finding ways to keep triggers to a minimum.
  8. Ahh, that did it, thank you!!
  9. Hm... that keeps it in the quest log, but the entry for 9005 (now 9006) still won't show up.
  10. In the tp2, preceding the rest in the array.
  11. I'm trying to get journal entries to work, but for some reason, it only ever reads the bracketed entry. If a later entry is meant to show up, the quest is relegated from the Quest section to the Journal section, and contains only text from the bracketed entry. If the quest's first entry is anything other than the bracketed entry, it never shows up at all. This is what I have in the Tp2 ADD_JOURNAL TITLE (@9001) @9002 @9003 USING ~Theil/Translations/%LANGUAGE%/YY#TH.TRA~ ADD_JOURNAL TITLE (@9004) @9005 USING ~Theil/Translations/%LANGUAGE%/YY#TH.TRA~ This is what I have in .d CHAIN YY#TH YY#Theil2_wait ~Then I shall remain for a while to gain my bearings. But I will have to attempt this on my own, before the trail goes cold, if you are not returned within the day.~ DO ~SetGlobal("YY#Theil00","GLOBAL",5) SetGlobalTimer("YY#TheilDespawn","GLOBAL",ONE_DAY) AddJournalEntry(@9004,QUEST)~ EXIT CHAIN IF ~Global("YY#TheilJoined","GLOBAL",0) Global("YY#Theil00","GLOBAL",5)~ THEN YY#TH YY#Theil3_return ~You return. Have you decided, then?~ END ++ ~Yes, join with me and let's go.~ DO ~SetGlobal("YY#Theil00","GLOBAL",6) SetGlobal("YY#TheilJoined","GLOBAL",1) JoinParty() AddJournalEntry(@9005,QUEST) SetGlobal("YY#TheilHinatva","GLOBAL",0)~ EXIT These are their entries in the tra. @9004 = ~Of Cats and Birds. The woman in the sphere calls herself "Theil", and has asked for my help with something that could prove dangerous. I get the feeling she isn't being completely upfront, but she has given me a day to consider her proposal.~ @9005 = ~Of Cats and Birds. The woman in the sphere calls herself "Theil", and has asked for my help with something that could prove dangerous. I get the feeling she isn't being completely upfront, but I have agreed to help her nevertheless. Perhaps I'll find the door to this key in Waukeen's Promenade.~
  12. Having fun coming up with Celestial phrases. I imagine it's beyond abstract where its alphabet and numericals are metaphors unto themselves within the context of the physical and philosophical construct of the universe (particularly since some of them are really long >.> so direct substitution wasn't going to work). Some of these are pretty lame, because I'm lame, but I rather like them. Based off information from https://dndtopics.com/languages/celestial ------------- - CELESTIAL - ------------- verb cap, noun lower a = Sa, b = flonn, c = siapsceth, d = ciaptoop, e = setfloom, f = hwoul, g = flolhwouth, h = flonn, i = el, j = theethweet, k = k, l = fliaot, m = eesem, n = thlann, o = hwinn, p = eanm, q = soot, r = sooth, s = hwulceat, t = pehweenm, u = scithhwo, v = oth, w = hwith, x = x, y = teack, z = z. I will end you (I shall eradicate your existence from start to end.): el Sa'z(I a-z) Eye(to see, insight, truth, blind, paranoia) El'a (I-a), Friend (cooperation, reliance and empathy between individuals): scit'hwoel (u(and)i) me/i - el (always dimunitive time - Zexteak (zxy), space-Te'akz(yxz) Then you have the nasty words that are adapted from modern common because who doesn't want to sound like they're singing while they're swearing? shit - hwulceatflonnel-pehweenm fuck you - Scithhwo'oul(f-u)
  13. So, I'm trying to slot in some interjections, but there are a few lines that aren't firing. Am I understanding these phrase numbers incorrectly? The variables I get from Top Level # work well enough, but not those that are based off Ext. ref #, Specifically Lavok's "You understand nothing, mortal!..." and "I have spent half an eternity..." Also, is there a way to increase the font size for DLTCEP's dialogue reader? It doesn't respond to any native Win resizing options.
  14. I'm not sure what I've gotten wrong, but it keeps getting stuck at line 115 near text: CHAIN. https://github.com/chickensquack/Theil/blob/master/YY%23TH.d Nevermind, figured it out.
  15. @jastey I've mailed you the ones for Brage. @Lauriel No need to wait on me for I4E, I may take a while to be done on my end
  16. Should I just make the changes, or would you prefer a docx with annotations/highlighted changes?
  17. Brage sounds interesting, and I can take a look at Imoen's as well after that.
  18. And because I'm better than making pictures than writing, I started work on her portraits to deal with writer's block Progress is steady, and I think I'm a third ways done with critical PC/Theil talk for SOA. It's looking like there will be at least two personal encounters eventually.
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