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  1. I really don't understand why you are so upset of this mod's, and by extension SR's Monster Summoning, goal. If you don't like this mod, then ignore it. If you like the PnP versions of Monster Summoning (unmodded BG2 and SCS), then I'm happy for you. But you don't need to scream ("THIS IS OVER POWERED AS HELL !!!"), use unnecessarily passive aggressive language, or throw specious accusations (again, claiming these spells are "OP as HELL" with just one creature's stats). It's not that I don't hear your concerns either. Yes, I've thought that the median APR of the 3 HD monsters was maybe too high. I am also considering eventually making a component which boots the spell level forward by 2, similarly to PnP (So as to have Creature Summoning I at LVL 3, for example). That and I'm sure there are many other issues. As for the last part: A. I don't know how, and B. I don't have GOG BG and BG2, so I don't feel confident in messing with that, since I cant test the results. It still confuses me why you intend to be so merciless with your complaints, especially since this is 0.1.1 and I am a novice modder. Vehemence with infant mods like this might scare away new modders in the future. I am sorry, but I have to block you, for a time at least, since I feel like this conversation is going to go nowhere good. It's a very nice idea I'll admit. The problem I have with that is I want to have it be consistent with all the mod's creatures; It would be weird to have the the games' higher level monsters clump together. I also think that the normal personal space is a way to balance out the horde summoning. This, however, gives me an idea to eventually clone all of the INI files to make them have a lower personal space for use of Creature Summoning's creatures. As for your idea yesterday (the morale), I've thought about it and it sounds like a nice component to make eventually. I keep using the word eventually on purpose, since this mod was basically made as a private indulgent mod that I wanted to share to the public. I don't expect myself to work on this mod too much. But still, suggestions will very much be appreciated.
  2. Wow I just realized that I presumed that TortoiseGit added the correct component files (I changed the TPAs before release). I am so sorry. The newest update should make the mod work now. It's hard to find information on 2nd Edition Monster Summoning, I found this when I was still developing my mod: https://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=17814.50. It seems like Monster Summoning works nearly like it did in PnP as it does in Icewind Dale, and by extension Baldur's gate with Iwdification and/or SCS. It is also unfortunately means that these kind of Monster Summonings fall in the bottom of the spell tier lists for Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale due to the fact of there being better options for summons, spell-wise or item-wise. That is why SR's Monster Summoning, and this mod, is massively buffed. On to the matter of horde creature balance, I recently played a full 4-game playthrough of Baldur's Gate with this mod, to test it before publishing it. Insane SCS Ascension Modded with SR, and I found the balance was surprisingly good (I thought it was going to be chaotically imbalanced). The lower level monsters, as usefull as they can be, still get carved by AOE, miss alot because they have low THAC0, or get cramped because BG1 and Shadows of Amn have a lot of tight fighting places. I found the higher level monsters were more practical until late Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal. To be fair, I had a melee heavy party, so this is probably a different story with a ranged party. But with that said I was thinking about adding a nerfed version, like decreasing the duration. At the moment the duration is 3 turns, so I could lower it to like 1 turn + 1 round/level, or just have it be 1 round/level. But still, thank you for the suggestion; its a neat idea. The idea of "where would summoned humanoids/demihumans come from" has always persisted in my thoughts since I was a kid. These included: They were magically whisked to the summoner, willingly or unwillingly, then dominated by the caster until the summon dissipates, being summoned from another dimension, or simply being created for a time. Yea, half-ogres are in the Level 3 Creature Summoning Table. There is a folder in the download which has the documentation of all the creatures and their statistics. I use the normal gender (male, female, neither) in the bypassed summon limit creatures. I state in the spell description that they are "immune" to spells like Banishment because of this. I am thinking of eventually doing something like make a custom gender, then append that gender to these creatures and spells like Banishment, as well as AI adjustments.
  3. I would like to introduce my first public mod: Creature Summoning. This will add 9 spells for the wizard-type classes, 1 for each spell level. Each spell, with the exception of the first and second level spell, has 2 options: Summon a few to several HD monsters equal to the level of the spell, or summon several to many monsters that are 2 HD lower than the spell level. The latter have a special quality, in that they bypass the summon limit, simulating Vanilla BG1's Monster Summoning. Note that these spells are separate from regular Monster Summoning (whether unmodded, SCS or Spell Revisions), so you can use both in tandem. NOTE: IT IS HEAVILY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU INSTALL EEEX FIRST (https://github.com/Bubb13/EEex/archive/master.zip), AS THE GAME WILL CRASH IF YOU TRY TO MAKE A MULTI-CLASSED MAGE. Download Link: https://github.com/Penguincha/CreatureSummoning/releases/ Readme: https://github.com/Penguincha/CreatureSummoning/blob/main/README.md
  4. I was playing Icewind Dale with FnP, when I realised that the enhancement on Magic Fang was not working. I was looking around to see if I could find an answer, when I found the effect of the items equipped had the attribute Weapon slot: 0 (Current Weapon). Changing it to 1 or 3 seem to make it work.
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