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  1. Oh, sweet, thanks Ok, about that, I've decided to try using NI to create IR updated versions of IU new items. Couple questions: - I created a new .itm file for one item (Celestial Fury +5). Now I COULD just edit the itm file and description in my install, but I might as well export the file and install it through IR so that it can be used by others once I have the agreement of original mods authors. Right now I'm just testing, but when it works I can provide the files if anyone is interested. So once I have the file, what should I do with it for IR to use it? Would adding it to i
  2. Ok, I see. Then I might just disable some of IR's revisions on a case by case basis for them to make sense with the upgrades. I'll look into that As for SoD2BGEE, I'll do some testing and I'll report here if global changes work or not.
  3. Hello, new here. From what I gathered so far, IR is not compatible with Item Upgrades or Thalantyr Item Upgrade (and I assume SoD2BG2EE Item Upgrade), am I correct ? I did some testing on a fresh BG2 install with only IU + IR (v4 b10sd13), and it appears that amor modifications work just fine for upgraded versions. Weapon changes SEEM to work but I've had trouble testing most weapons due to EEKeeper crashing when I tried to give them. Then again, the bug persisted after I uninstalled IR. Maybe I screwed up my install and I have to start over. Anyway, what's the current status on
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