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  1. Hello, Today I've beaten BG1:EE with SCS (a mix of Improved and Tactical settings, all tactical challenges except Improved Kobolds enabled), and I enjoyed it much better than the original. There are a couple of things that bother me a little, though: First, Aec'Letec does not seem to be fully affected by the Improved Fiends component. I didn't see her teleporting around the battlefield, and I'm pretty certain that my difficulty for this component was set to Tactical. It was still a fun battle, but the cultist fight in the previous room posed a greater challenge. On that note, the Demon K
  2. Thank you for putting time and effort into trying to solve this issue! Your comment was actually very helpful. After fiddling with mod files for quite a while, editing the one responsible for gtimes.ids and having the installation fail at another place with a similar error, I have finally figured out the cause. Apparently, my antivirus sometimes deletes the files generated by the mod during installation process before those files have a chance to be used. However, it never gave me any warning messages, which is why it took so long to figure out the cause. At any rate, after temporarily disabli
  3. I have tried restarting the computer, tried deleting gtimes.ids and replacing it with a blank file, tried simply deleting it and tried uninstalling most of my mods, but no luck. I have even tried uninstalling the game completely and running 'setup_stratagems.exe' on a clean install (only the 'initialize AI components' part of the mod). In all cases, it gives me the same error. However, when I follow the prompts after running 'stratagems-33.5.exe' (not 'setup_stratagems.exe' directly from the game folder), i get a different one: ERROR Installing [Initialise AI components (required for all ta
  4. Yes, here you go. The error is on the line number 11264.SETUP-STRATAGEMS.rar SETUP-STRATAGEMS.rar
  5. Thank you for the quick response! The answer to both questions was yes. Please find the archive attached. gtimes.7z
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