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  1. So I went through and installed v3.0 beta and read the readme, which I skimmed before. Well guess what I noticed and what you just mentioned above: MO-BasicAI script. I'm sure most of your modders have looked through the readme unlike myself. Love the tidbit of info. So much to learn and discover. If I do think of anything I'll be sure to comment. @morpheus562
  2. @morpheus562I do have a suggestion actually. Since the mod's primary purpose is to prebuff, perhaps giving the option of just that instead of removing debuffs and healing mid fight. For example, in my previous post Viconia casted Zone of Sweet Air after Kangaxx's Cloudkill on me. It was unexpected of your mod but a welcomed addition. I would think that some 'purist' just want the mod to take away the tedium of prebuffing, but allow for their own responses to enemy npc behaviour. I don't fully know what your mod does as I just used it for one fight thus far. I also realize that simply turning off AI would negate what I just said. But perhaps giving people options to choose: prebuffing, item healing, spell healing, removing debuffs, removing aoe debuffs, post fight healing. Something along those lines for more customization as SCS has their own script that provides options. I'm not sure how much more work it is for you, but that is my initial thoughts. Let me know what you think or is it just easier to turn AI off. Haha
  3. @morpheus562Understood, I'm sure I was missing something. I'm still fairly new at the game and genre, so excuse my lack of knowledge. Still enjoying the challenges however. I think I was overzealous playing SCS on hardcore as my first playthrough. I didn't get a chance to test out items yet as I had to reinstall the game and mods. All the items you mentioned above I haven't received yet. I'm only up to Chapter 5 and starting Drizzt Saga where I have met Kangaxx, though I downed him at a lose of 4 members. Again, thank you for removing the tedium of buffing and allowing me to focus on the game instead.
  4. I have to say, I'm impressed as Zone of Sweet Air was casted after Kangaxx casted Cloudkill. Wish me luck on killing Kangaxx in Drizzt Saga as a 7/8 Gnome fighter illusionist. Bonus: Guess who killed his own minions.
  5. Hey @morpheus562, to answer your questions. The spells not casting are Ghost armor, blur, barkskin, chant, resist fear and minor globe of invulnerability. The spells aren't being casted at all let alone behaving. Granted I have a list of mods installed using EE mod installer except for yours. Yours was installed after EE mod installer. So I understand my experience may be affected. To others reading this reply, this is just my experience and should not hinder yours. I still think this mod is a huge quality of life improvement. PS. I forgot to test out castable items like the shield amulet. I will edit this post once I have.
  6. Thank you @morpheus562, it works splendidly! When I was going through all the scripts after installing your mod I did notice the "MO-" scripts, but I didn't fully comprehend that it does more than turn undead on. That was my mistake as I didn't use any scripts before. Realizing how tedious buffing became near the end of chapter 5, discovering your MOD has become such a relief. I'm not dreading big fight pre buffing anymore. I still have to play around with it as some spells don't cast appropriately, but understandably it may be due to what you mentioned earlier in your statement. Thank you so much for this mod and it is great to see this community still alive and creating mods for a 23 year old game. Thank you.
  7. Hey, morpheus562, thank you for the mod. Such a relief to one-hit button the mods. I installed it into my BG2EE directory is where EET is. Upon loading my game I pressed "D" and nothing happened. I do have scs, atweaks and other mods. Though I do not have spell revisions installed. Is that a prerequisite? What am I doing wrong? Here is my BWS-selection.ini from EE-mod if that helps. edit* I looked under scripts but I don't see Enhanced Gaming scripts. BWS-Selection.ini
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