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  1. From all the things I have read on your site about Aklon and the trinkets you have shared in the "talks" I am sure Aklon will be worth the wait. Good writing takes time, especially if you want some good character development, aka a good relationship, some suspence, and of course . . . romance Besides, with as fast as this year seems to be going, the wait will not be too bad, right? Quickly ducks behind tree in case of any and all flying objects Letting us know how things are going is definately appreciated too And it lets us give you encouragment in lieu of choclate chip cookies whic
  2. Glad to hear that you are on the mend . . . . might I add chicken soup and a large box of tissue to Riviera's cookies and milk? Wish I had a suggestion for work . . . . . CelticRose
  3. As one of the "group" I heartily agree with the above! CelticRose
  4. I for one feel a "happy-dance" coming on! Keep up the hard work! Celtic Rose
  5. I don't hate her . . . . quite simply, I just don't intend to share Aklon CelticRose
  6. I second that idea, even 3rd and 4th it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celticrose
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