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  1. Nah, I didn't have a savegame close to that scene, to go back to a savegame before I couldn't save or rest (as opposed to autosaves etc) I had to go back to before those cutscenes. I suppose if I do uninstall, play with constant/regular saves, and reinstall when I actually hit the problem, that might produce something actionable.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I may try to do the same thing again next time. I'm ambitious enough to think about doing a full walkthrough, but realistic to know that the time involved is prohibitive and it probably wouldn't be any more 'thorough' than this was
  3. Okay, so maybe I don't understand how it works? With it installed, I see in the dialogue window the script that's running (and over the head of whose script it is, where applicable. I thought that's how it might help identify a broken script? Is there a way it works when you aren't playing? Or, is the suggestion, uninstall it, get through the cutscenes and get a savegame just before the problem, and then reinstall and hope it tells me something actionable?
  4. Been busy the last week and haven't had much time to get over my "beginning-of-ToB" stumbling block. In point of fact, I've lost ground. Going back to my last pre-ToB save, I was going to have to fight Cyric at the end of TDD again. However, at no time after I enter the final area can I so much as press x to verify the location area, to get the code to look at the .bcs file; there's cutscene until Cyric speaks, and once the dialogue tree ends, we remain in cutscene mode. I've tried numerous dialogue options and it's the same every time. So, using the Seldarine Amulet to move on to the Grove of the Ancients, after Ellesime turns up and after I talk to the heads, again, there's a cutscene that won't end, so I never meet Illasera. Since the stutter-debug tool is the only change, I presume something about it prevents the cutscenes from ending.
  5. Okay, I've gone back as far as the autosave at the very beginning of ToB, and I still can't rest or save my game. Now going to my last save before transitioning (so I'll have to do most of the end of TDD again) and see what I can do with that. One problem is that I'm still getting lightning bolts thrown at me by Talos every few seconds if I'm outdoors. That may be messing with the save/rest in the zone with the Easter Island refugees and Illasera, but shouldn't matter in the pocket plane. Frustrated enough that I'm ready to go ahead and build the install for a new game, but I know if I do that the likelihood I'll ever come back to this one is slim to none, and I would like to see ToB with this party.
  6. Cannot save my game, nor rest; the game thinks I am in dialogue mode, and Xan has the stutterbug. He has spoken, and he responds to PID attempts I'm in the pocket plane, having killed Illasera, raised and dismissed Sarevok. Already started over once, as Grey died during the first challenge and, since he's not in a slot, he's not resurrectable. Installing the stutter debug tool to see what it has to tell me.
  7. I have, at last, entered ToB, after liberating Suldanesselar, slaying Irenicus, and foiling Cyric's "Darkest Day" plans. Celebrindal, my F/M/T Bhaalspawn, has found enough tomes to get to 25 in all abilities. XP total is 4,869,341 (25/23/25) Body Count is 14,181 Carrying 730,715 gp Accompanied by Xan, Sirene, Kivan, Branwen, Deheriana, Solaufein, Grey, Brandock and Afaaq.
  8. @GuardianAnubite Another instance where randomizing can short-circuit the plot: AR2801 - if any of Demin's attackers are substituted, she will not speak with the party. Her responses are conditioned on the following: Dead("suadsaan") Dead("surakraj") Dead("suraksha")
  9. Turns out my issue with "Back to Brynnlaw" was a reading comprehension fail; I was looking for Captain Jeremy outside the Sea's Bounty, and he's waiting by the Five Flagons. Once I figured that out, everthing worked out fine. I think I forgot to talk to Roger after I cleared out Selence's future smuggling base; she hasn't ever spoken to say we need to go back. And I'm winding up my pre-ToB activities, so I guess it's time to say goodbye to her. So, that's SoS done. RoT: I kicked out Driz'zt too soon, and that's why the Return to Spirit Soaring never triggered. I've tried jury-rigging it, but it doesn't seem to want to work, so I'm letting it go for this run. CtB, I've done the Circle of 8 quest (damn, that last battle, with a demilich, a dracolich, and Zannaster...that was pesky!) I haven't seen the questgiver for Anegh yet, but I gather it's also accessible in ToB and has some additional content if done there. So I *think* I'm pretty much done with Chapter 6 content; time to create the other two lenses and head back to Elhan. Frankly, after 4 months with my F/M/T, and the new mods that have come out or been made compatible with EET since, I'm ready for a reboot. Barbarian/Shaman? Sorcerer/Monk? Ranger/Druid? Are these even possible combinations? Or, do I go with a svirfneblin cleric/thief, so that my protagonist benefits from the Gorgon's Eye additions? Then pick up Skie and Eldoth / Skie and Eddard, and round out the party with melee and arcane?
  10. SoS: Selence is bugged; she's 7th level when I recruit her, and when I try to level her up, I can't allocate her thief skill points; pressing the button doesn't do anything. And once you enter the level up screen, you can't abort, so I had to reinstall. Right now she's got 800k XP and is still 7th level. CtB: I couldn't do any of Horton's quests; the containers were all unpickable and heavily warded. Back to Brynnlaw--I've met Roslin and been ambushed by Cowled Wizards, but Captain Jeremy is nowhere to be found (and I don't see any reference to him in AR0300.BCS). After spawning him manually, he's unresponsive because Global("O#BrynnQuest","GLOBAL") is only 5, and his dialogue requires 6. Changing it to 6, he responds and we move to the Bridge district, and the cutscene hangs. I"ve mentioned the SoS and CtB items in the SHS forums; I'm not registered at PPG and there aren't any posts in the B2B bug forum for the last 7 years, not sure it's still alive over there....
  11. I'm in the midst of a playthrough with the vast majority of mods compatible with EET, there's a great deal of overlap with your list; you might have a look at my install list (the one on P6, from 7/19). And scrolling through the feed may alert you to some of the challenges or irregularities you might hit. I haven't played Fields of the Dead, but it doesn't look like there's any update to its forum since 2016, and it's not on the "compatible with EET" list. This one may be risky, but if it works for you I'd be interested in knowing that. Likewise Mysteries of the SC, which I gather you've been warned about. Deidre and Joluv in EE were on my list, but they were nowhere to be found in-game. Unless they've been updated, I don't believe Bristlelick or Zakrion are compatible; you might be able to install them but they may not actually be present.
  12. Day 900 Chapter 18 Completed: Aran's tasks to receive the Shadow Thieves' aid; Beshaba's Curse; Aegnor's Offer; A Missing Fence?; The prophecy of Sekolah; Escaping the asylum; A spectator and his chest are rarely parted; Riddle of the imps; Leaving the island; The transformation and the dream; Inside the asylum; Sir William's Man Troubles; A Happy Ending for Sanik and Claire; Pirate Legacy; The drow summoning ritual; Inside the drow city; Recover the silver dragon's eggs; Finish the leather armor begun by Rejiek Hidesman; Find the worshippers of Ghaunadaur; Intrigue with Jarlaxle; A mage's proposal; Victims of imprisonment; Svirfneblin village concerns; Captured by mind flayers; Nazariel's final wish; Solaufein's Rescue; An unexpected encounter; Eilistraee: Training/The Bard and the Book; No More Shadows Over Soubar; Spy in Soubar; Soubar Attacked!; Assault on Soubar!; River Chionthar Cleaned Again!; Burning Farms; The Sellswords; Proving Kova's Innocence - the trial; After the Trial; Ambushed by the City Gates New or In Progress: Neil from Southern Edge; The Cowled Menace (check in with mod author when I hit ToB; another mod overwrote Zallanora's file with the result of content not working as intended), The Summoner from the Bridge's Block (I've found 2 of the 3 needed pieces), An Ancient and Restless Spirit (I recovered and gave Aidan his mace, not sure what still needs doing), Imoen found a job, Golem Construction Workshop, Brandock and his Half-Ogre Twin, Brandock Wants to Restore his Book, Increase Brandock's Lore Wisdom, Brandock Changes the Book of Infinite Spells; The elven city requires my aid; Assassinations; Eilistraee: Where is the Pipe?; Back to Brynnlaw; Irenicus' Archives I fibbed; I'm not done with RoT. A messenger is supposed to turn up and take me back to Spirit Soaring. For SoS, I have the post-Soubar Selence content yet to do. I "Imprisoned" Rolf Sureblade, so I didn't get his sword and shield; but there were duplicates at the Academy of Kuldin, and Solaufein's using them. For TDD, just the endgame content. For CtB, I've just moved and then killed Vernon and his vampires (I think; they attacked as soon as they revealed the Master's location, but there was never an announcement that they were dead, or XP awarded, in chat; they simply disappeared, and True Seeing didn't reveal anything. To complete the mage class quest, I had understood there would be elven mages at the Underdark exit, but I didn't find them (or, am I not eligible, because I did the female mage questline? If so that would suck as apparently I'm missing out on a really sweet moonblade). I haven't done the "Company of Eight" either, nor Horton's burglaries. Not eligible for "Captured;" no sign of "feed the birds" or the second assassination attempt; no trouble from the tax collector. Tales of Anegh is not done, I haven't seen the quest giver yet. I got one of the Lanthorn's lens pieces from the Slave Lords. That was the only one the sages gave me a hint about, and I think I did the other potential placement quests, so I may have to console in the other pieces. Party: Sirene, Xan, Branwen, Kivan, Brandock, Grey, Afaaq; Solaufein; about to pick up Selence and do her content, and see if having her in party unlocks Horton's content XP: 4,457,132 each (24/22/24) Body Count: 13,881 for Celebrindal Gold: 877,212
  13. Vlad Mods for EE - Page 4 - Miscellaneous Released Mods - The Gibberlings Three (gibberlings3.net)
  14. There is no inherent incompatibility - TSLite was built to accommodate Alternatives, either the Aster route or the other. The problem is TSLite's cutscenes (and, apparently some incompatibility with its companion Sime mode)--see the TSLite thread for specifics.
  15. Hitting several obstacles. First, in Shadows Over Soubar, when talking to the Major, he told me to put all my stuff in a chest. However, there's no chest to put anything in. Then a Sergeant is supposed to give me my uniform. There's no sergeant, and after I create him with the console, he talks but never gives me said equipment. I'm going to dig through the sergeant's dialogue file and see if I can find a way to create the items, but this shouldn't be necessary. No equipment appears to be taken from Brandock, Solaufein, or Grey. Not sure if that would be possible, anyway, and not sure how far mod-makers would want to go for cross-continuity anyway. More troublingly, I unintentionally killed Weathermistress Ada when I went to the Temple of Talos as part of the TDD quest, tracking down Jarlaxle. Ever since, the god Talos is very shouty and I get hit by Call Lightning every few moments. Wasn't so bad before, but now that I've lost all my gear those strikes sting a good bit! I've tried respawning the priestess, I don't have the necklace in my inventory, I've reset Globals "_bWrathofTalos" and "_bStealTalosNecklace" back to zero, but nothing seems to stop the lightning. On the plus side, I've killed Jarlaxle and Artemis twice now, the TDD and RoT versions. RoT content is complete.
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