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  1. @ Jarno Mikkola: I may have misunderstood what BWS is. It sounds like it is an install aid, while I had thought it was a massive collection of mods you needed to download all together. Something I don't care for. But an install aid sounds cool. Thank you, also, for the patch information and the link.   Thank you Kreso. I'd overlooked Kido's update, but remember him from before I took my break. Real sad about the Mod for the Wicked stopping development. BG2 needs something like that. Maybe it was a little too ambitious for one expansion. Glad to hear about Kido getting largely fleshed out though. I'm eyeballing some of those others you mentioned too.
  2. First off, thank you for the responses. Though a note, I'm largely interested in additional content, not graphic changes, sound sets, or the like. I'm a bit leery of Megamods. I think that's what things like BiG World are called. It seems there is a huge selection of material a person probably won't use, and what is there isn't likely to be up to date as the latest version of a given mod. Isn't there a Bioware patch that should be installed right after installing the game proper? If so, does Bioware still have it up somewhere? I remember reading somewhere, recently, not to get the latest patch but a previous version. Both of those look good. I remember Kulyok's work fondly. There should be an Assassination mod too, if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to look over their work. A thumbs up to the Banter Pack and Unfinished Buisness too. Talking companions are a good thing.   So far I've only spotted two, maybe three, Evil alligned characters that have content all the way through to ToB: Adrian (http://www.shsforums...rum/627-adrian/), Ninde (http://www.spellhold...os.net/ie/ninde), and Kindrek (http://mods.chosenofmystra.net/kindrek/). Ninde I am uncertain about as I've seen posts that suggest there might be ToB content, but nothing solid. Kindrek, being a mage slayer, wouldn't do well with Adrian, Ninde, or Edwin. I'm not sure how the existing Neutral aligned characters would do with an Evil protagonist.   As for quest and item related mods, I'm still researching them.
  3. Hello, While Baldur's Gate 2 is one of my favorite gams, I haven't played it in a long time. Years actually. One of the reasons was the great modding community that sprang up around it and kept feeding life into the story. Recently I decided to take up the adventure again and did some looking around to see how some mods I'd been interested in developed. Lo and behold there are many more than I remember.   If anyone would care to make some recomendations, I would apreciate it. I recall some almost being a requirement, and it would be helpful if someone pointed me towards those types up fixes/updates. As for what I look for in a mod, I enjoy new role playing potential, NPCs, Quests, Encounters, and item/class options so I can customize my character and their companion's gear. Normally I play an Evil alligned character, so NPCs that don't mind working with an amoral leader would be prefered. I'd also favor story material/NPCs that progressed through SoA and ToB for continuity sake.   It has been a while since I worked with mods for BG2, so any special notes or reminders are likewise welcome. Thanks for giving this a read, and I look forward to the input of those more experianced than myself.
  4. If you want to give her a quest, it doesn't need to be connected to her past, or someone not liking her. I haven't played the NPC, but if she is the adventurious sort, she could notice a message on a "help wanted ad" requesting the aid of adventurers. Or, she could be socializing with some people at a tavern and over hear some legend, or bit of gossip that caught her ear. I'm surprised the only time this sort of thing comes up is when it is directly related to a debt or job one of the party NPCs have undertaken and couldn't/didn't finish. The PC is in need of money. His companions should be keeping an eye out for jobs.
  5. If you don't want to go with her being a Bhaalspawn there is another approach. Irenicus could have had someone resurrect her after the PC killed Tamoko so that he could get information about the PC from her. It would explain why she was in the dungeon ... probably being tortured for information. Or perhaps (inaddition) her ressurection may be a reward for Yoshimo if you have the sibling thing going on.
  6. That is likely it. I went with the "recomended" installation for both SoA and ToB. Thank you for your time.
  7. I'm preparing to go run through a fresh game of BG2, so I downloaded updates to the mods I planned on using. When I came to the cross mod banter pack all was well and good except the ToB portion, which the installer skipped because it stated I don't have ToB installed. In fact, I do have ToB installed. After this event I uninstalled the SoA portion of the mod, deleted it, and downloaded another copy from G3 but had the same problem when installing it. --- This is the message that occurs: ERROR: BIFF [./movies/25movies.biff] cannot be loaded: Unix.Unix_error<20, "stat", "./movies/25movies.biff"> SKIPPING: [Cross Mod Banter Pack for Throne of Bhaal] You must have Throne of Bhaal installed to install this component. --- The Romance Conflict and SoA portion of the mod install fine. Has anything like this come up before?
  8. Lawful Evil Half-Orc Mage-Fighter Follower Of Velsharoon I definatly have evil tendancies. Had scores of five in both Chaotic and Neutral Evil; six in Lawful Evil. It seems about right, though I never saw myself as a Half-Orc.
  9. Urborg Vengrath: Ah ha, hm. "Good music", could you by chance define that please? *About that time armor clad henchmen "escort" a group of confused Bards into the room.* Inara:
  10. Prelude: A Summoning I had prepared the ritual for sixteen years. Sixteen years of study, of gathering the required components, of mental and physical strengthening. After sixteen years, I was ready. Ready to summon the Him. The exact process of the ritual was engraved into my mind. I had memorized every detail, every incantation, every gesture, to the minutest of details. I knew it perfectly. I performed it perfectly. The blood of the one-hundred and eleven sacrifices stained my face, my hands and my clothes. Their wails died down as one after the other exhaled their final breath into the clouded air of my Church. Their bodies bore the markings of seven hundred and seventy-seven undead Lords of Hell. Seven markings for each sacrifice, carved into their still-living flesh. With precision bordering on robotic perfection, I carved the last marking into the body of the last woman. Her eyes fluttered open briefly as fresh pains added to her agony. I watched her face intently as she hung there on the x-shaped cross, her body abused and mutilated in the most perverse, desecrating way imaginable, her life flowing from her as her chest heaved slower and shallower, the light of seven hundred and seventy-seven black candles dancing across her naked, ravaged form. Finally, with a barely audible whisper, she died. And I no longer stood in my Church. I took in my new surroundings. And only with a supreme effort of will, I clung to my sanity. What I saw was.... indescribable. Imagine your most frightening, your most depraved, most perverse nightmare you have ever experienced. Multiply those images by... infinity.... and the basic concept of what I beheld might dawn on you. Mere words will be infinitely lacking in describing the scene of this realm. Evil, suffering, pain, depravity, perversion.... None of these words carry enough power to contain even the tiniest fragment of the horror of this hell. It beheld me... I saw It, manifesting as a cloud of whirling blood and dismembered bodies, a cloud of faces and flesh and blood and defilement and corruption and evil.... such pure evil... It beheld me with eyes carved from the wombs of pregnant women. It smiled at me, showing lips and teeth forged of the flesh of young children. It spoke to me with a voice echoing the screams of his millions of helpless victims... I wept. It laughed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a time they tired to hold me in a prison, convicted to spend lifetimes of solitude for the acts I committed to summon It. The lives of those one-hundred and eleven innocent humans sacrificed in the ritual is a burden on my soul. Yet my greatest sin remains undiscovered. Of course none believe me. I am a madman, they say, a delusional psychotic who thought he could summon Hell, and committed atrocities to enact his demented fantasies. What foolishness. What foolishness, indeed. I, and I alone, know... I will burn for what I did. But if there is are Gods, let them have mercy on the remainder of the world. Please Gods, help them! Save them! Protect them from what I have unleashed! I do not ask for forgiveness, such cannot be granted to one as me. Let me burn.... But Gods, I beg of you, have mercy on the world! It is still laughing.
  11. Wickedly wonderful. *Smirks at the offer of drinks.* This should prove entertaining.
  12. Interesting how a few choice words of friendly conversation can turn into an uproar. *Smirks as Loke recieves a swat.* Isn't it wonderful Keli, having a sibling to plot behind your back?
  13. *Glares suspiciously into the crowd.* Suddenly there are plots against me? *Shifting his attention he eyes Keli calmly.* Off me with a healling spell? Doubtfull. It might sting a tad. But then why would you want to get me mad? ~Edit~ Did you notice how quickly we became property, Loke'? Not that I have any quams mind you. *Offers Inara a wink.*
  14. I thought that might help change the subject.
  15. Looks like we have a few links of chain left .... do you want me to chain them to your eyelids?
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