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  1. Thanks for the update cmorgan, appreciate it. And it'd be great if we could get regular updates to the G3 page - if Kulyok is willing and able to do it, then it seems a good chance to get this mod back to regular updates.
  2. Agh, I've been away from BG for awhile and was hoping this would have a new release when I came back. Oh well, I guess I will be brave and try editing the .tp2 files like Kulyok suggested for the dialogues that have been coded.
  3. Well, as a player - I'd certainly appreciate it . I know I've been putting off doing a new playthrough with recently released character mods until the new version of Crossmod was released.
  4. From the looks of this thread, I can well believe it will be so large. ...and I'm really looking forward to grabbing it when it is complete. Thanks for all your hard work berelinde
  5. Not Angelo-specific, but I saw this art at DeviantArt, and thought it could be Angelo-ish
  6. Like a lot of players (it seems) I lean towards humans/half-elves/elves depending on class restrictions and my role-playing depending on alignment and party composition etc. The only other race I've dabbled with is a halfling. The reason I've never really tried the other characters is because of the restrictions on romances - the preference for a lot of romance options towards humans/half-elves and elves. Actually, if there was mention of specific race options for new characters that may encourage me to give the other races a whirl.
  7. Adia

    What is it?

    Just wanting to pop in and say 'yay' for this mod being made. Gives some more role-playing options, and I particularly like the option for lawful good characters having an option that is in-line with their beliefs. Haven't tried the assassin route yet, will have to create a bad character to give that a whirl. My only quibble would be the start of the paladin route seems a bit ...odd. When you enter the district and are zapped to overhear the characters, then zapped back. At first I was thinking, what idiots holding a discussion out where I am meant to 'overhear' them talking. ...just seems a bit unwise for those characters, and jarring as a player. But I can deal with it
  8. If this was for all mods, then I'd say probably too much realism. But for Gavin, and his back story, I think it makes sense and would be a welcome addition to that mod. Because of everything you've said about him, if it wasn't part of that mod it probably would be quite strange.
  9. This is actually a super-good idea--one I wish I'd thought of at the time. Of course, there already was a lot of fancy stuff to code, so it might have been the straw that broke the camel's back; but in case more work ever does get done, I'll keep this in mind (there are after all the dragon scales and everything: no need to even create more "ingredients") I'd really love to see this added in a future version, as it seems the only irksome thing about the mod in ToB, and would actually be rather awesome as part of the romance.
  10. Adia

    Bugs and typos for V1

    Just a few minor things I noticed - - when they are in a dungeon/underground, and Angelo says something about getting a few chairs, the text doesn't match what the audio says (I think it is something like chairs/armchairs or something like that) - after the mercenaries attack, and Yoshimo asks to see the warrant notice that triggers before the PC had even checked the bodies and picked up the notice (because I was thinking, "what is Yoshimo talking about?). Also, I found it rather interesting that characters like Jaheria and Minsc's comments about Angelo joining don't come until after the PC says that he can join. I can't remember if you offer the player a chance to say no based on their comments or not, but I thought it would have been more interesting to have them interject.
  11. I'm glad to know that this is still being worked on, even if you don't have an estimated release date yet. I've been looking forward to this for some time
  12. Thanks, for the welcome and the quick reply. That's why I named the topic 'possible' bug as I wasn't sure if it was a bug or just a clash with another mod that I had installed. I do have a few others, possibly multi-romancing installed, but I wasn't romancing Aerie at the time (though it is early in-game, so she may have just not tried to yet). Edit: You could edit the topic title to say 'Resolved:' at the start - then people would know it isn't buggy
  13. First of all, let me say I LOVE this mod. I think it adds a lot more fun to BGII, and I have really enjoyed the encounters I've tried so far (haven't even left for spellhold/Underdark yet ). However, I think I found an issue with the Chanelle encounter and Aerie's reaction. Which was basically, that Aerie reacted to my female PC bathing with Chanelle. I guess you could just read it as Aerie being a little prudish...but I assume she isn't supposed to react to what a female PC would do? Just thought I should let you know, if you didn't already *runs off to keep playing*
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