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  1. Ah, I see that NI makes the whole editing of scripts very easy. No decompiling or compiling necessary on my end. So, I changed X#DYLSTB.BCS to begin: IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneID("Player1") and saved it. I only changed the one part--"x#cutspy" to "Player1". Then, I killed Sarevok again (and had trouble, just a few days away from killing him and it was difficult again!). But the cutscene still hangs in exactly the same place. I get the dialogues with "Stranger" and Dynaheir, then there is a spell effect on Dynaheir (or she casts a spell, it's hard to tell), and then nothing more happens. Everyone stands around, and maybe wanders a little. From reading the script, it appears that after the dialogues, Dynaheir is supposed to leave the party, then X#JONI (perhaps this is "Stranger"?) casts CUTSCENE_POWERWORD_KILL on Dynaheir. But before the dialogues, Dynaheir SpellNoDec's WIZARD_MAGIC_MISSILE on X#JONI. If "SpellNoDec" means to cast the spell, it doesn't happen. Or at least, it doesn't ever complete. And after the dialogues, Dynaheir doesn't die. I don't know if the spell casting or spell effect on Dynaheir that I see is her attempt to cast a spell, or the effect of Power Word Kill. After going back and killing Sarevok again (took three tries this time!), the spell effect happens on Dynaheir before the dialogues are over with. It does not appear that she actually leaves the party before the cutscene hangs, but it's hard to tell because she's talking and so her little circle is white, not green or blue.
  2. cmorgan and berelinde, Thanks so much for your replies. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure what you are recommending. I think you're asking me to change references from CutSceneID("X#CUTSPY") to CutSceneID("PLAYER1") within a particular script. After some exploring with NI, I think these scripts are found within X#DYLSTA.BCS and X#DYLSTB.BCS. Is that right? If so, I'd edit X#DYSLSTB.BCS because Imoen is in my party. Unfortunately, my NI skills are pretty rudimentary. I can edit items (a little, actually I've just changed icons and descriptions), but that's about it. My guess is that I would decompile the X#DYSLSTB.BCS file, edit it to replace CutSceneID("X#CUTSPY") to CutSceneID("PLAYER1") on line 5, then compile it. Is that right? I'm certainly willing to try. Just let me know if that's what you're recommending. (For what it's worth, there is a X#CUTSPY.CRE in my override folder, but berelinde's post seems to indicate that the use of X#CUTSPY.CRE may be the problem.) I really appreciate your help.
  3. So, no one has any ideas? I've played through the end a number of times now, and the last scene (after Sarevok's death) won't play through. I get three statements from "Stranger" (which I've responded to a number of different ways), then Dynaheir says, "Thou art the shadow that crept in the shadows..." She appears to begin to cast a spell, then says "Run, my love, and fare thee well." I choose from among the responses. "Stranger" says "Starry-eyed fools." Then nothing happens. Eventually, "Stranger" just wanders away. Everyone else stands there, including my party. And I use ctrl-alt-delete to shut down the game. It seems to get stuck somehow. I've actually let it run for about 10 minutes and nothing happened, except once "Stranger" wandered back onscreen for a second. To be honest, I kinda just want to see how it plays out. If I could somehow prompt the scene and have it run through via CLUAConsole or something, I'd be perfectly happy with that.
  4. Okay, that didn't work right. I installed only the Nalia Reverse Mod, NPC Kitpack, and DungeonBeGone, in that order. When I got to Nalia, it looked like the NRM features were the only ones in place, she had no kits at all, while Imoen had been properly kitted (heh). On the other hand, it turns out that Nalia Reverse Mod does some things I'm not interested in, like raising several of her stats and starting her at Mage 9 and enough xp to take her Thief 10. That's just overpowered for what I'm looking for. I really just wanted Nalia reversed (and the kits were a cool bonus), but the stat bonus and the extra levels are simply unnecessary. Having her begin as a mage and dual to a thief makes as much sense given her biography as the other way around, I think, and keeping a low level of mage skill was really only for roleplaying's sake. The NPC Kitpack added the Adventurer kit which also helps on that roleplaying side (no backstab!). I'm not going to need another mage, but I'll be short on thieves. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I suspect I'll use Shadowkeeper to edit her to a Mage->Thief. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the quick responses! I think I'd like to test it out a bit as the bigg recommends. I'll go ahead and do an install with DungeonBeGone and just the Nalia Reverse Mod and NPC Kitpack and see how it looks. Is there a way to CLUAConsole Nalia in so that I can test it more quickly? I promise to report back my findings.
  6. Does Kivan have a friendship path for PCs that he would not romance, such as guys? I'm asking because the information out there seems to indicate the friendship path is available after the romance has been turned down. I'm interested because Kivan was just so cool in the BG1 NPC Project, and I hope to enjoy the fullest possible extent of his coolness in BGII. Thanks!
  7. I'm getting ready to do a new installation of BGII with mods, and I'm interested in using the NPC Kitpack--primarily for Imoen and Nalia. However, I'm also wanting to use the Nalia Reverse Mod (which switches Nalia from Thief->Mage to Mage->Thief). Should the two mods work okay together? Would there be any reason to install one before the other? Thanks!
  8. cmorgan, That is fantastic! Thanks for going to all that trouble! I haven't had a chance to try it (life got a little crazy for a few days), but I will be able to try this in just a few more days. Thanks again!
  9. I have thoroughly enjoyed the BG1 NPC Project. I am also fairly sentimental. I want to bring some of the items from BG1 NPC Project with my character into BGII. I have a vague sense that if I find the items' .itm files that I can simply drop them into the override folder within BGII and if they are on my imported character, I'll have them. Am I correct in this? I'm specifically wanting to bring over the locket Imoen made, Dynaheir's portrait of my character, and (while not exactly BG1 NPC Project), one of the spare books from Finch, who was kind enough to have two left over after creating the library. My second question is: Edited: Nevermind. I figured out how to use Shadowkeeper to get the file names for the items and I can find them from that. I believe that I'll have to create a new item for the locket (based upon another thread I read which indicated that if I try to import the locket it changes all protection amulets in BGII into Gorion's Lockets) and I believe I may be up to learning how to do that (I went and found some tutorials about item creation). I know that except for the locket these are essentially "useless" items. But still, I think that having them within the next game will enhance it for me (and help me remember Dynaheir. *sniff*). Thanks so much!
  10. ***Massive spoilers*** Okay, I finally killed Sarevok at the end of the game. I see the little film of his statue (among the thousands of other statues) crumbling away. Then my party appears before who I assume to be Jon Irenicus (given his voice) who orders his henchmen to take me and "the girl". Dynaheir tells me to leave and I can choose to "go through the portal" (though no portal has appeared). It looks as though Dynaheir starts to cast a spell, but it's never completed. Then Jon Irenicus walks away, and my party and his henchmen stand around and look at each other. Forever. I have no control over the characters' actions, and have to use ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the task manager to shut down the game. I think I'm supposed to get additional dialogues and actions, but nothing more happens. My "final save" was done, and I can load that game, but nothing more happens there-Sarevok is dead and his cronies have fled. I've killed Sarevok three times now, and the same thing happens each time. Ohyeah, I'm playing in EasyTutu, and my BG1 NPC Project is v14. I'm not sure how to properly insert my WeiDU log the way I've seen others do it, but I'll try: // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name ~EASYTUTUDEGREENIFIER.TP2~ #0 #0 // EasyTutu Degreenifier ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #0 // Assign a kit to Ajantis? -> Ajantis: Cavalier ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #5 // Assign a kit to Alora? -> Alora: Swashbuckler ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #6 // Assign a kit to Dynaheir? -> Dynaheir: Sorceror ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #10 // Assign a kit to Eldoth? -> Eldoth: Blade ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #13 // Assign a kit to Faldorn? -> Faldorn: Avenger ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #21 // Assign a kit to Imoen? -> Imoen: Swashbuckler ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #29 // Assign a kit to Kivan? -> Kivan: Archer ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #39 // Assign a kit to Shar-Teel? -> Shar-Teel: Berserker ~SETUP-EASYTUTUNPCKITS.TP2~ #0 #47 // Assign a kit to Xzar? -> Xzar: Specialist Mage ~SETUP-TUTUFIX.TP2~ #0 #3 // BG2 Ammo Stacks ~SETUP-TUTUFIX.TP2~ #0 #4 // Totemic Druid Spirit Summons are Balanced ~SETUP-TUTUFIX.TP2~ #0 #5 // BG1 Summoning Spells ~SETUP-TUTUFIX.TP2~ #0 #8 // Hooded unarmoured avatars and hooded bards ~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #0 // Proper dual-wielding implementation for Thieves and Bards ~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #1 // Thief kit revisions ~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #2 // Bard kit revisions ~RR/SETUP-RR.TP2~ #0 #4 // Additional equipment for Thieves and Bards ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #0 // The BG1 NPC Project: Required Modifications for Version 14, September 18, 2007 ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #1 // The BG1 NPC Project: Banters, Quests, and Interjections ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #2 // The BG1 NPC Project: Give Edwin his BG2 portrait. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #3 // The BG1 NPC Project: Give Imoen her BG2 portrait. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #5 // The BG1 NPC Project: Give Minsc his BG2 portrait. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #6 // The BG1 NPC Project: Give Viconia her BG2 portrait. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #7 // The BG1 NPC Project: Kivan's "Kivan and Deheriana Companions" portrait ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #8 // The BG1 NPC Project: Add Non-Joinable NPC portraits to quests and dialogues ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #9 // The BG1 NPC Project: Ajantis Romance Core (teen content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #10 // The BG1 NPC Project: Branwen's Romance Core (teen content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #11 // The BG1 NPC Project: Coran's Romance Core (adult content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #12 // The BG1 NPC Project: Dynaheir's Romance Core (teen content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #13 // The BG1 NPC Project: Shar-Teel Relationship Core (adult content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #14 // The BG1 NPC Project: Xan's Romance Core (teen content) ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #15 // The BG1 NPC Project: Female Romance Challenges, Ajantis vs Xan vs Coran ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #16 // The BG1 NPC Project: NPCs can be sent to wait in an inn. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #18 // The BG1 NPC Project: Alora's Starting Location. -> Alora Starts in Gullykin. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #25 // Jason Compton's Accelerated Banter Script. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #26 // The BG1 NPC Project: Make Shar-Teel Unkillable until In Party ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #27 // The BG1 NPC Project: Bardic Reputation Adjustment ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #200 // The BG1 NPC Project: Player-Initiated Dialogues ~SETUP-FINCHNPCV3.TP2~ #0 #0 // Finch NPC for Tutu v3.0 ~GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2~ #0 #0 // Gavin NPC for Tutu and BGT, v 1.3 Beta ~GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2~ #0 #1 // Gavin: Romance (mature content) ~GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2~ #0 #2 // Gavin: Flirts (adult content) ~GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2~ #0 #3 // Gavin: Check for Tutu-Fix Walking Speeds ~GAVIN/GAVIN.TP2~ #0 #7 // Gavin: Player Initiated Dialogue ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #40 // Change Viconia's Skin Color to Dark Blue ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #50 // Avatar Morphing Script ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #60 // Weapon Animation Tweaks ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #130 // Force All Dialogue to Pause Game ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1010 // More Interjections ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1035 // Make Cloakwood Areas Available Before Completing the Bandit Camp -> First Area Only ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1080 // Add Bags of Holding ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1090 // Exotic Item Pack ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1100 // Reveal City Maps When Entering Area ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1110 // Add Map Notes ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1120 // Stores Sell Higher Stacks of Items ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1150 // Shapeshifter Rebalancing ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2040 // Universal Clubs ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2120 // Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Heavy Armor ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2160 // Alter Weapon Proficiency System -> Rebalanced Weapon Proficiencies ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2210 // True Grand Mastery (Baldurdash) ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2240 // Un-Nerfed THAC0 Table ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2250 // Un-Nerfed Sorcerer Spell Progression Table ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3001 // Higher HP on Level Up -> NWN Style ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3030 // Easy Spell Learning -> 100% Learn Spells ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3080 // Unlimited Ammo Stacking ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3090 // Unlimited Gem and Jewelry Stacking ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3100 // Unlimited Potion Stacking ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3110 // Unlimited Scroll Stacking ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3125 // Neutral Characters Make Happy Comments at Mid-Range Reputation ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #3200 // Sellable Staffs, Clubs, and Slings (Icelus) ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4000 // Adjust Evil joinable NPC reaction rolls ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4020 // ToB-Style NPCs ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4030 // Consistent Stats: Edwin -> Use BG Values ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4050 // Change Jaheira to Neutral Good ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4071 // Consistent Stats: Viconia -> Use BG2 Values ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #4090 // Make Montaron an Assassin (Andyr)
  11. Oh yeah! Hah! I guess I just thought of her as the ribbon lady. You know, in my current game Setta caught my party as I was on a long march from the north end of the Baldur's Gate bridge to the south end (completing the Umberlee's Priestess quest), and I had been watching the area map overview during the march. (When I'm going through safe areas, I sometimes just watch the little green dots marking my characters' positions move across the screen.) When the dialogue started, it pulled me to the regular screen, and then the ribbon dialogue took place. The characters were somewhat spread across a fair distance from one another when that happened. I was a little surprised when the dialogue happened there, because I had not thought that the area would be considered "city." I wonder if any of that had anything to do with it? Hrm. At any rate, the romance now appears to be progressing correctly, and the speeded-up timer has been great, given that I've just got Durlag's Tower and a few remaining quests within Baldur's Gate before I really move on to the Candlekeep chapter. Thanks for everything!
  12. By the way, there's also a succubus (Kirinhale) on the 4th level of Durlag's Tower who can level drain. Having scrolls of Restoration or a temple restoration would be the best fix, in my opinion. Then the solution wouldn't be dependent on completing Coran's quest, just in case people get level drained in Durlag's Tower.
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