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  1. People have been reporting a similar issue with The Sims 2 since the last Windows 7 update. This only applies if you have Windows 7, of course. Shot in the dark, but I wonder if running the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP would work. Also, did you re-install the Widescreen mod, or did you completely uninstall it before installing it again? It didn't work for me when I simply re-installed; I had to choose uninstall, rather than re-install, in the Weidu setup.
  2. Something similar happened to me today, though with a higher resolution (1280 X 800). This happened after months of it working perfectly, for no reason I can figure out. Possibly a Windows update? Or something I inadvertantly set poking around my new computer? Anyway, uninstalling the mod and re-installing both it and TWM_GUI fixed the problem.
  3. It works perfectly, thank you so much!
  4. Thanks so much, cmorgan! Sasha al'Therin: Thanks for looking . Those are what I found too, but the links to the Notepad++ highlighters don't work for me.
  5. I've found through searching that there's apparently a WeiDU highlighter for Notepad++ in existence, but I can't seem to find anywhere to download it. If it actually exists, would some kind soul tell me where to get it? (Also, hi again . I see a lot of new people around.)
  6. I have a new computer for it and no time to play it. My gnome bard is just about to leave her hometown, and has been for a week.
  7. 1 How many NPCs do you usually include (for solo, 0)? Five at any given time, though my party composition changes over the course of the game. 2 Do you prefer a themed party (all good, all evil, all mages, all wizard slayers, etc.) or do you prefer a balanced party in terms of class and alignment? Balanced in terms of class, but balanced in terms of alignment is kind of impossible in BG, and probably would be tough to roleplay with most character concepts. 3 Does NPC personality influence your party composition? It's my number one influence. 4 Does an NPC quest influence you party composition? Yes, I pick up NPCs for their quests even if I don't keep them in my party long-term. 5 Does NPC power influence your party composition? No. 6 Regarding your PC (player 1), do you single-class, dual-, or multi-? Yes. . I don't play the same character every time. 7 How powerful do you want your PC to be in terms of the challenges posed by the game? Powerful enough to be challenged by them but not destroyed by them. I don't like mods that add incredibly tough battles, especially those that only have one strategy to win. 8 How powerful do you want your PC to be compared to the NPCs? Slightly more powerful, as the PC's stats are rolled, and she is the child of a god. NPCs with similar stats should be extremely rare, like Sarevok. 9 How do you utilize multi-classed characters? I'm not sure I completely understand this question, but I'll give it a shot. I don't equip anything on them that would disable any of their abilities, and I use all their abilities. Jaheira spends as much time doing fighter stuff as doing druid stuff, Aerie casts as many mage spells as cleric spells (if rest-casting isn't counted), etc. 10 How do you use 'specialty-class' characters (bards, monks, specialty kits)? I don't really get this question either. I just use all their abilities, when appropriate.
  8. neriana

    Johari Window

    Someone posted this at another site, and it's kind of interesting. You choose six adjectives from a list to describe yourself, then others choose six as well, and you compare the results. Here's the link to mine.
  9. I didn't know it existed. I probably wouldn't see it anyway unless I heard it was really awesome, though, since I know it ends badly.
  10. I'm even later! Happy belated birthday, icelus.
  11. Halle Berry just doesn't look like Storm. She's too small and doesn't have the right presence. She's best when playing a victim, which doesn't work for Storm at all . Storm = my favorite X-Men character. Movies = too much stinkin' Wolverine. I mean, he's cool, but he is not THAT cool. If 3 has even more of him, I'll just wait till it's on video, if I even see it .
  12. What's f.ex rice? British food is rather notorious for ickiness (blood pudding anyone?), but you can't really make fun of American cuisine. Because there's no such thing. We just steal from everyone else.
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