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  1. Pathfinding broken how? You sure you just don't need to increse the number of nodes? Look for the setting "Path Search Nodes" and try to increase it substantially... Regardless, lots of people are playing just fine with EE version 2.5, so I'm guessing something is messed up with your particular install.
  2. Apologies if already reported. (Frankly, it's totally impossible to figure out if things have been reported when not using an actual issue tracker. I tried a search in the forums, but it was futile.) SCS v32.7: My Planetar instantly turns hostile when my Dragon Disciple casts Death Spell anywhere near it. My character is Lawful Netural if that matters. Playing on Tactical difficulty. EDIT: Just tested by changing alignment to Chaotic Good. No difference, it still turns hostile. EDIT#2: Ok, there's some serious wonkiness here: Tried casting Death Spell in the middle of battle (previous experiment was without any enemies around), and it *didn't* turn hostile, it kept attacking hostiles. Tried another experiement after that battle and it turned hostile with a green circle (whereas the first experiment it turned hostile with a red circle.)
  3. Sorry for the delay: I'm on EE. Another day another playthrough... I think this is actually reproducible: Approach Dave while visible, he gives is speech and turns hostile. I have auto-pause on See Enemy, so we have an immediate pause. Queue the command to cast the scroll while paused. Unpause. He'll be hit with the scroll, his sequencer will fire, CHARNAME will be hit with the sequencer (and probably webbed), but he'll still be able to cast spells (normally). I've tried this a few times and it seems to reproduce the bug every time. EDIT: If you approach him while Invisible, and cast the PfM scroll on him before he gives his speech there's no problem. It works as expected -- his sequencer fires, and attacks using his darts(?), but does not cast any spells.
  4. Just FTR regarding my earlier report of offensive PfM scroll not working on Davaeorn: I'm on another playthrough (basically same setup), and it appears that there is a problem -- but I think it might be some sort of engine bug related to simultaneous application of PfM and Dave's sequencer firing (or something else in his script). At least I was able to reproduce this time, and he cast (normally, *not* sequencered) MGoI and Remove Magic at CHARNAME. (It's no big deal to work around.) EDIT: Also, killing Daveorn seems to crash my game pretty often. I guess he's just becoming the hardest enemy by metagaming me :).
  5. Yes, ordinary casting. EDIT: Hm, I'm doing a new run and this time Daveorn didn't cast in spite of the offensive PfM scroll. Maybe it was just a one-time glitch or something.
  6. First of all, @DavidW congrats on the release and thanks for this amazing mod! I'm not sure if bug or intended, but I just tried to use a Protection from Magic scroll on Daveorn and he was still able to cast spells, etc. What gives? Does SCS v32 neuter the scroll somehow? (I just Ctrl+F'ed the readme, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of this.)
  7. (Apologies if these have already been reported. Btw, maybe it would be a good idea to use GitHub issues for tracking known issues? As someone who's not religiously following this thread it's really hard to know what's already been reported and/or fixed in master ) I have observed a few very minor weird things in 32-RC10: The skeletons summoned by Animate Dead (arcane) in the EE version below level 15 don't seem to have the same scripting as the L15+ Skeleton Warriors. The different summons don't fundamentally have any different abilities, so I'd guess the same script should work for all the different summons? (I'm specifically referring to the 'follow player around bit'.) The shadow version of the Umber Hulks summoned by Shades(?) seems to only do non-lethal damage? Not sure if intentional, but it certainly seems a bit odd. The Planar Sphere Noble Efreeti starts casting Flame Arrows at itself as soon as I enter the level. EDIT: To add: The L11 skeletons also have an annoying thing where if their target goes invisible they'll continually go 'Skeleton Warrior: Target gone'. (Usually your summons just 'say' this once, but the skeletons will keep saying it continually until the target reappears and/or a different target is forced. If there are no enemeis you can force-retarget the skeleton on, you cannot get rid of the Target Gone thing. Super-annoying when you have Auto-pause: Target Destroyed/Gone set.)
  8. Just to make sure it hasn't been overlooked: I'm still (with RC10 as of March 28) seeing the same "parse errors" that Xorton saw, namely things like the following: [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/weidu_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw#pr30.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 712 column 1-27 Near Text: ) syntax error ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/weidu_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw#pr30.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: error compiling [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/weidu_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw#pr30.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: compiling [weidu_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw#pr30.baf]! Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR: [AR18PRIE.CRE] -> [override/AR18PRIE.CRE] Patching Failed (COPY) (Parsing.Parse_error) Stopping installation because of error. Here's the relevant block of the file where there error is: IF GlobalTimerNotExpired("castspell","LOCALS") !StateCheck([PC.0.0.BARD],STATE_INVISIBLE) OR(2)!CheckStatGT(Myself,0,SANCTUARY)!GlobalTimerNotExpired("attack_under_sanctuary","LOCALS") See([PC.0.0.BARD]) Allegiance(Myself,ENEMY) !Allegiance([PC.0.0.BARD],ENEMY) !StateCheck([PC.0.0.BARD],STATE_IMMOBILE) !StateCheck([PC.0.0.BARD],STATE_FEEBLEMINDED) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],0,HELD) !StateCheck([PC.0.0.BARD],STATE_MIRRORIMAGE) OR(2) CheckStat(Myself,0,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStat([PC.0.0.BARD],4,WIZARD_PROTECTION_FROM_MAGIC_WEAPONS) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,0,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],0,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,1,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],1,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,2,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],2,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,3,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],3,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,4,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],4,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) OR(2) CheckStatGT(Myself,5,WEAPON_ENCHANTMENT) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],5,ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY) !HasItem("MORSWORD",[PC.0.0.BARD]) OR(3) CheckStatLT([PC.0.0.BARD],100,RESISTCRUSHING) CheckStatLT([PC.0.0.BARD],100,RESISTPIERCING) CheckStatLT([PC.0.0.BARD],100,RESISTSLASHING) !CheckStatGT([PC.0.0.BARD],0,STONESKINS) !HPPercentGT([PC.0.0.BARD],20) Range([PC.0.0.BARD],4) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("validtarget","LOCALS",1) SelectWeaponAbility(SLOT_WEAPON1,0) AttackReevaluate([PC.0.0.BARD],30) END Line 712 is the line !Allegiance([PC.0.0.BARD],ENEMY) EDIT: Installing on Win64, but using a 32-bit WeiDU (for some reason the BGT install fails with the 64-bit WeiDU from Stratagems). EDIT#2: I've had a peek at a few of the other files where there are parse errors, but there doesn't really seem to be any obvious problem with the syntax and it's dissimilar to the above "problematic" line. I wonder if there's a higher-level problem here than just the syntax... Let me know if you want the full set of output files. I've got them stashed away.
  9. I'll just add a "me too" to what @xorton is saying. I'm seeing lots of similar errors. (I'm using the 'classic' BG1+BG2+BGT on Win10 if it matters. I didn't save my files, but I can reproduce pretty quickly, so do ask if you need them)
  10. Ah, that's a good point. I think I actually experienced an OOM when my VM had ~768MiB -- I failed to report it, but I suppose you got other reports Anyway, no worries about the 64-bit vs. 32-bit thing if it's just a matter of putting in another executable. Again: It's totally understandable to not support WinXP :)... I guess I'm just having to come to terms with having to upgrade or find another way to run this magnificent game
  11. Oh, I apologize. I think I saw the changes list on the forum mention it, but looking at the GH releases... those didn't. Strawberry PERL FTW! You even (graciously, I might add) created a workaround specifically for this: use_perl_natively=1 (It's not that I actually expect you to support a system that's been EOL for 5 years. If it's easier for you, by all means go ahead and use 64-bit WeiDU... but if it's just a 'cosmetic' change, then I'd love to still be able to play.) As to why I'm using WinXP: It's in a Virtual Machine with classic BG1+BG2, and Windows 10 seems to be... suboptimal for this use case (but I'm still experimenting!). EDIT: Btw, the genie/efreet from the Trademeet bottle is still being really annoying by trying to turn itself invisible rather than doing what it's told (as in: serving it's caster). This was with v32-RC9. Could the scripting for this particular item summon just be removed?
  12. Snark acknowledged and appreciated, but the main part of the post was really about potential workarounds.
  13. I see RC10 is out, but I've been playing RC9 and it appears that the Planar Prison thralls are still getting petrified by the prison traps. (I won't bother posting a screenshot, but do let me know if you need any install info for debugging. It's a mostly vanilla install and the only AI-altering mod is SCS.) Re: RC10: Does this mean that I won't be able to install on 32-bit WinXP? Or can I just replace the setup exe with a 32-bit version? (I suppose I should really upgrade my VM to Windows 9/10...)
  14. @DavidW Hey... no bugs to report, but say wanted to say a random Thank You! This mod has been amazing to play through the years!
  15. I've seen a strange thing in my SCSv32rc8 playthrough: It seems that it's possible to write some L9 scrolls into the spell book even through they're already there. I've seen this with Time Stop and Spell Trap. Could this be an SCS issue? (I'm running with the Innate Sequencers component, and I'm reasonably confident that I don't have anything else that would affect spells.)
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