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  1. @DavidW I'm seeing the same error as @Buzda , but with when installing the Spellcasting Demiliches component. Is this also addressed by your fix for their issue? (I have stashed away copies of the debug log and WeiDU.log so far, but cannot upload due to the forum's size restrictions. Let me know if you need them, and I'll try to find some other way to get them uploaded.)
  2. AnonymousHero

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    What DavidW said
  3. AnonymousHero

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    I can confirm that installing Strawberry 32-bit and setting use_perl_natively=1 appears to work! I haven't played a full game or anything, but the install proceeds past the first SSL-requiring bit and starting a fresh game looks like it works.
  4. AnonymousHero

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    Ah, OK. Sounds like it won't be usable for creating a packaged up EXE, but hopefully it'll be sufficient for doing your suggested workaround. I'll try it later today.
  5. AnonymousHero

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    Hm, just had a look 'round and apparently the "Strawberry Perl" distribution for Windows still has a 32-bit version. I'll try your "use_perl_natively" workaround tomorrow! (http://strawberryperl.com/) Just in case it could be used to compile a 32-bit ssl.exe which you could include in the download: What's your command/method for turning ssl.pl into ssl.exe? (I'm assuming it's some sort of bundling mechanism, but I know next to nothing about the Perl ecosystem.)
  6. Here's another one. I believe this one wasn't in Weimer's version. (I pressed 'X' while hovering over the trap.)
  7. AnonymousHero

    SCS on 32-bit Windows machines

    Thanks for giving it a shot. It suppose I'll finally have to update my VirtualBox guest machine away from Windows XP :).
  8. If it's not too much bother, I'd very much appreciate it. It should be quick enough for me to test that it can at least start inside my WinXP if you could try to compile for 32-bit and just attach the executable to a post. (Of course, I fully understand if it's too bothersome -- after all WinXP is incredibly out of date at this point )
  9. So, I'm trying to install the latest (RC7) on a Windows XP virtual machine, and I'm getting an error that "SSL.exe is not a Win32 application" during installation. Am I right in thinking that SSL.exe no longer supports Windows XP? (I'm guessing it's a perl interpreter which embeds ssl.pl? Is there any workaround I could try e.g. by installing a Perl interpreter on system-wide and associating with the .PL extension or similar?)
  10. Oh, yes, thank you, I'll add that shortly. (Just heading out the door, but I'll be back in an hour or so.) For now: The game is a classic BG2 + BGT install and I've attached the WeiDU.log to the OP.
  11. SPOILERS BELOW... obviously. I was doing a solo mage run through with a rather underpowered Mage (L19) and decided to try the cowardly "blanket Irenicus' spawn point with Incendiary Cloud" tactic. It works as far as bringing him to Near Death (he takes damage in human form first, then transforms to the Slayer if that matters)... and then he runs away through the portal! Pretty funny, but it results in a game that cannot be finished . For now, I've just done the old Ctrl+Y to move on, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this? (I've attached my WeiDU.log.) EDIT: Oh, forgot to say: The character is a dual-class with 10M XP (L48) in the primary class (Kensai) and currently about 3.6M (L19) in the secondary (Mage) class -- just in case there might be some sort of level or XP-dependent calculation going on that determines whether enemies flee through doors. WeiDU.log
  12. I've noticed that there are two instances of traps that are not removed by this component. (AFAICT these are not "special" traps and so probably shouldn't be excluded on that basis. I'll also note that the original No Traps or Locks component from BG2 Tweaks v16 did remove these traps.). I've attached screenshots of the two containers. EDIT: (added area codes) x=871, y=267, Area: AR1301 x=1265, y=1331, Area: AR1303: WeiDU.log
  13. AnonymousHero

    Bug reports in v30

    If lag causes the forum's JS code to fail then it's a problem in the forum's code, not JS. (I'm no fan of JS, but blaming JS for things like this is absurd since other forums obviously don't have the same problems.) EDIT: ... anyway, sorry about the off-topic-ness. I'll stop complaining now.