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  1. How does she know what happens to a bhaalspawn when they die? Does it come up in an earlier talk? Yeah, it's covered in a talk about Sarevok and such.
  2. Added a 'serious' flirt
  3. Alarielle


    I'm afraid not, as yet. We would prefer not to reveal one as that will only lead to people quoting it at us as it flies past
  4. 18/8/06 So far we have finished: All flirts Almost all the lovetalks (around 30) Soundset Joining/leaving dialogues Romance conflicts (Aerie/Jaheira/Viconia) Jelina's quest Banters Interjections (So far) Jelina will banter with: Aerie Anomen Edwin Haer'dalis Imoen Jaheira Jan Keldorn Korgan Minsc Nalia Yoshimo This thread will be updated when we have more progress to report.
  5. No one said you beat him up Is this an admission of guilt?
  6. Have you been in a fight, Andy? It looks like someone may have punched you on the left side of your forehead...
  7. Any time is good for me! Dave and I will be in London between the 27th and 31st of July. Granted, we're there for his brother's wedding, but I'm sure we could fit in a meet.
  8. If not, you can always dye it while he's sleeping.
  9. I think you've committed yourself now
  10. I can't wait! Drop in on us any time, hon
  11. Oooh! I can't wait to see them On a side note: Merry Christmas!
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