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  1. Hi, sorry! Yes, we're here, yes, we're doing stuff and yes, I suck at updating My online time is down a lot at the moment as I'm in the process of decorating my flat, so I'm up to my elbows in paint rather than hawt clerics. But fear not, progress is movin' on.
  2. I stand corrected... Luckily my birthday was spent surrounded by people who were older than me Makes everything better!
  3. Now that we've both finished with our academic commitments for the time being, we're able to crack on with Jelina, so hopefully we won't keep you waiting too long
  4. Exams! It hasn't been a month yet. That's true - you still have five days And in five days I will have finished my exams
  5. Exams! It hasn't been a month yet.
  6. Did anyone else stay after the credits?
  7. Very well, however, Grim is in the middle of his finals and I'm about to sit my own uni exams, so things will be quiet over the next month or so, after which we should be able to offer more regular updates.
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, things are progressing smoothly.
  9. If you're interested, give them a go - you never know, you might change our minds
  10. It was originally intended that I would do the voicing for Jelina, but university is catching up with me and I simply can't devote the time to it that I'd like. So... We need a voice actress, preferably British (Jelina is not American, sorry). If you're interested, have a go at these sample lines and email/PM recordings to myself and/or Grim Squeaker. 1. "Are you ever afraid when a companion falls in battle? I mean, do you ever worry that their eyes won't open again when you try to raise them?" 2. "I don't know why I bother with you! How can you be so cold? You're impossible!" 3. "Because I care about you more than that, that's why!" 4. "I'm not sure what to say. I never thought you'd feel the same way I do." All lines taken from Lovetalk Previews if you're looking for some context
  11. Don't tempt me to procrastinate on my revision, it's too easy
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